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Mixers are non-alcoholic flavourful beverages that pair with spirits creating versatile and delicious drinks. They add flavour, sweetness to drinks and are essential ingredients in many cocktails. If you are looking for mixers to elevate your drinking experience, we’ve put together these simple guidelines on how to pair your beloved booze with the mixers to unlock amazing flavors in your glass. 

Read on to discover how all of the major types of spirits can be mixed and enjoyed with basic mixers.

Best Mixers to Pair with Whisky

When you decide to mix your whisky, we highly recommend you pair it with artisanal mixers, crafted with this purpose. For example, this Two Keys Green Tea Mixer. It is super refreshing, a little bit sweet with a touch of umami flavour. 

Shrubs also work amazing with whisky. These vinegar cordials can add depth and complexity to your drinks through a blend of sweet, savoury, and tart notes. Our top picks for whisky:

Best Mixers to Pair with Vodka

Among the most popular vodka mixers are tonic, soda water, cranberry and orange juice. If you are looking for something beyond these pairings, try to mix your vodka with these guys:

Two Keys Pink Grapefruit Mixer is distinguished by the richness of its real juice, subtle bitterness and sweet taste. Mix it with your favorite wheat vodka and plenty of ice for a refreshing long drink.

Long Tail Island Spice Mixer is warming and spicy, with fresh citrus notes combined with bittersweet chinotto and gentian. 

Best Mixers to Pair with Gin

The first thing that comes to your mind when talking about gin? Yep, tonic water! And they are a perfect match indeed, but if you want to discover your favorite gin in a new light, try to add into the Gin & Tonic equation pair this Blood Orange & Bitter Lemon Shrub. One part of shrub, two parts of gin, and 3 parts of tonic — add ice, garnish with an orange and enjoy this refreshing Spritz!

Two Keys Lemon Mixer is made to balance light spirits as gin, vodka, rum, tequila, vodka or mezcal in your mixed drinks. Sour and sharp natural lemon juice is combined with the organic cane sugar from Brazil resulting in a tangy yet beautifully balanced mixer.

Best Mixers to Pair with Tequila

Although tequila is most commonly consumed as shots alongside, there are actually far more enjoyable ways to drink tequila other than in this fashion. 

Long Tail Lemon Sour Mixer will make your tequila cocktails fresh, a little bit zesty, and aromatic. Sour lemon is complemented by orange notes and then balanced with the slight bitterness of gentian. 

Two Keys Black Tea Mixer includes three of the world's most famous black teas — Sri Lankan Ceylon, Indian Assam, and Chinese Lapsang Souchong. Together, they create a malty yet floral infusion, with a hint of sweetness, and a smoky, sophisticated finish. It also works great with smoky mezcal.

Best Mixers to Pair with Rum

Rum works great when paired with some bittersweet and floral mixers. 

Pair your aged rum with this Long Tail Hibiscus Mixer — a delicious combination of blackcurrant and wild hibiscus. Earthy and floral notes are rounded off with a bittersweet intensity of clove. 

Long Tail Ginger Lime Mixer is created to be a perfect match for your aged rums, whiskies, and golden tequilas. The fresh zest of lime is warmed by soft, Jamaican style gingers in this mixer. Chai spices offer hidden depths to the mixer.

Caramelized Pineapple & Ginger shrub has a natural affinity with all rums —  be it white in a Daiquiri or golden and dark in a Mai Tai.

Best Mixers to Pair with Apple Brandy

Calvados or apple brandy is usually sipped neat. But it also tastes great when paired with tonic, sparkling water, apple juice, or lemonade. On top of all that, calvados pairs well with Long Tail Blood Orange Mixer where blood orange notes are balanced with the red grapefruit zest giving it an amazing citrus aroma. Also works great paired with Bittersweet Apple & Cardamom Shrub is blooming with aromas of apple and cardamom.  


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