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Non-alcoholic drinks are one of the most exciting and innovative areas of the drinks industry. Here we collected 7 delicious non-alcoholic drinks for your guilt-free enjoyment!

These sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks are sugar-free, super low in calories, and come with zero hangovers. With these guys around, you can make the most of the drinking ritual, without any of the negatives.

Caleño Light & Zesty

Are you in a mood for a light tropical drink that tastes like a vacation? Then this Lignt & Zesty spirit-free aperitif is exactly what you need right now. 

Caleño Light & Zesty is an infusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals, steam-distilled in stainless steel drums. Serve it with tonic & garnish with an inca berry.

To serve:

  • Fill your glass with ice and add 50ml Caleño
  • Twist it with Tonic – the ultimate dancer partner
  • Garnish with an inca berry – for a tropical sensation!

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Three Spirit Drinks: Livener, Social Elixir, Nightcap

Three Spirit drinks are designed to enhance your night from start to finish! Stimulate your palate, mind and body - before, during and after the party.

We call our work botanical alchemy - a practice that brings you plant-powered drinks that taste good and make you feel good. 

The Collection includes three non-alcoholic elixirs, each with its own flavour and function:

  • Livener: the perfect party pick-me-up! Providing natural energy so you’ll feel primed and ready to go.
  • Social Elixir: the mood booster; calm, connected and ready to mingle, it raises spirits and enhances connection.
  • Nightcap: the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day, this dreamy slow-sipper was designed to soothe the mind and body.

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Mockingbird Spirit

Tequila lover? Try this delicious alcohol-free, tequila-inspired spirit created by Mockingbird Spirit!

The non-alcoholic tequila alternative is made of 100% organic Blue Agave from the town of Tequila, Mexico. Other ingredients include vanilla pods, lemon, a dash of habanero to imitate the spicy, smokiness; and cinnamon to complete the taste palate.

In the same manner a mockingbird mimics the calls of other birds, Mockingbird Spirit proudly mimics the taste of tequila allowing you to have all the margaritas with none of the migraines. How cool is that?

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Freestar - B Corp-Certified Non-Alcoholic Beer

Freestar is a new, greener take on beer, and here's why. Whilst the regular beer is made of hops, water, malted barley, and yeast, guys from Freestar skip the yeast and blend their beer. Instead of brewing it, they use a banging mix of hand-selected natural ingredients such as citrus fruits to build up the flavor complexity.

This method of production is beneficial both for the taste of the beer and for our planet. The production process emits 90%less CO2, uses 80% less energy, 80% less water, and ends up with 70% less waste. How cool is that?

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NINE ELMS No.18 Ruby Velven

Award winning NINE ELMS No.18 Ruby Velven is a new type of sophisticated non-alcoholic drink created to enhance the enjoyment of good food & social occasions:

  • For a perfect non-alcoholic aperitif, mix it with a tonic or soda.
  • Serve straight over ice and enjoy with a wide range of dishes in a similar way to wine.
  • Make some cocktails. NINE ELMS No.18 Ruby Velven also shines in sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails.

Try this mouth-watering non-alcoholic drink and enjoy herbaceous, warmly-spiced red and black fruit flavours. 

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Warner’s Distillery - Pink Berry - 0% Botanic Garden Spirit

Perfect for those who want to drink without getting drunk! Warner's 0% Pink Berry was created as a non-alcoholic alternative to a fruity and pink gin. A delightful combination of raspberry, blackcurrant sage, ginger and chilli.

Enjoy Pink Berry 0% with a splash of your favourite tonic over ice. Garnish your drink with fresh mint and raspberries for refreshing summer joy!

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Disco Cocktails - Disco Balls

For those of you who want to enjoy the taste without an extra kick, bartenders at Disco Cocktails created The Disco Balls - their Non-Alcoholic option in the collection.

The Disco Balls cocktail is made using a Barrel-aged Ribena, citrus, and some disco magic. The perfect drink for your ultimate Non-Alc party!Disco Balls - Disco Cocktails | Shop on Lassou

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