New on Lassou: Fauna Beers, Pillars Lagers, Tap Social Craft Beers, and XECO Sherry Canned Spritzes

Hiya booze fans!

We’ve got something new for you to try: light and flavourful IPAs, citrusy lagers, and light and crispy sherry spritzes. Explore our new arrivals and drink different!

Fauna Beers

Drinking beer and protecting wildlife? We love it! Fauna is a craft beer brewery that helps support endangered animals.

With each beer produced by Fauna, they partner with a charity that is dedicated to animal conservation. Their current partners are Cheetah Conservation Fund, Painted Dog Conservation, and African Pangolin Working Group.

Guys from Fauna have already donated £3000 to the selected charities and they are on a mission to do much more. Choose Fauna and help them in their beautiful mission to save and protect animals we love. 

Fauna range consists of three great-tasting brews:

  • Wildog IPA — refreshing and full of flavour. Made with specially selected hops including Amarillo and Rakau. 4.2% ABV
  • Cheetah Lager — cool, crisp, and refreshing. Made with the finest British malts and classic noble hops. Bright and light with a grassy citrus finish. 4.5% ABV
  • Pango Table Beer — a super sessionable, citrusy, piney table beer. 2.8% ABV 

All Fauna beers are suitable for vegans.

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Pillars Lagers 

Fancy trying the best lagers in your life? Then you are in the right time and place.  Pillars Brewery is the Home of Lager! Their lagers are well-balanced, full flavoured and refreshing. Nice choice for your next pizza night, BBQ, festivals and parties, or nights in. 

By the way, Pillars Brewery was established in 2016 and was the first craft lager brewery in London. We’ll drink to that!

Discover the range of Pillars lagers on Lassou.

  • India Pale Lager — a refreshing brew with amazing citrus notes and a crisp, dry-hopped finish. 4.5% ABV
  • Munich Helles Lager — this golden lager is a clean and easy drink filled with full-bodied flavours. 4.8% ABV
  • Pilsner — an eternal crowd-pleaser, crisp, clean and refreshing. 4.0% ABV.

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Tap Social Movement Criminally Good Beers

Tap Social is a craft brewery and hospitality social enterprise in Oxford. This is a place where people in/after prison come together to share skills, exchange ideas and experiences, and brew a great beer. 

Ready to try a criminally good beer? Then explore the core range of Tap Social Movement craft beers available on Lassou!

  • Cell Count American Pale Ale — a dark golden ale with a bitter kick which is quickly followed by floral, citrus notes and a smooth finish. 4.5% ABV
  • False Economy Lager — an unfiltered European style pilsner, full flavoured, mildly sweet and fruit. 4.8% ABV
  • Inside Out Stout — is a rich and roasty oatmeal stout with biscuit aromas and subtle coffee flavours. 5.5% ABV
  • Jobsworth Session Pale Ale — a single-hop session beer to showcase different hop varieties. 3.5%

Time Better Spent IPA — a full-flavored American Pale Ale with medium bitterness, hints of peach, passion fruit and mango. 5.1% ABV

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XECO Sherry Spritzes

It’s time to give sherry a second look! XECO is a next generation sherry brand dedicated to bringing a modern edge to “uncle Monty’s tipple”. XECO Fino is a super refreshing and fantastically easy-going wine, XECO Amontillado is a rich and delightful sherry, with nutty and vanilla notes. And now two delicious and refreshing spritzes have joined the XECO family. You should give them a try!

XECO Sparkling Fino Sherry Spritz Canned Cocktail

This is an elegant and easy-going blend of crisp XECO Fino sherry and Sekforde’s original sparkling flavours of prickly pear, sun-ripened fig and cardamom. Expect lingering honeyed sweetness followed by a hint of spiciness delivered by cardamom. 

XECO Sparkling Fino Sherry Spritz Canned Cocktail

Sparkling Monti Sherry Spritz is a liquid sunshine! Delightful marriage of XECO Amontillado and Sekforde’s sparkling blend of Sicilian orange, rosemary and aromatic bitters. 

Serve these sparkling pleasures chilled and enjoy as an aperitif.


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