New on Lassou: Corn Whisky, Canned Wine, Gin, and Aperitifs

Hiya, spirit afficionados! We have something new for you to try: Venetian and French aperitifs, Mexican whisky, canned wine, and, of course, gin! 

Discover the new brands that joined Lassou. 

Select Aperitivo

Select is a staple Venetian aperitif created in 1920. It is a complex and rich drink made with 30 botanicals including rhubarb roots and juniper berries. 

Expect bright citrus and herbaceous notes on the nose, followed by bitter flavours delivered by roots and barks. Spicy and tropical notes come to the mid-palate, complemented by the citrus flavours. The finish is rich and complex, with strong citrus aromas and flavours of essential oils. 

Enjoy the taste of Venice in your glass and try Select in its staple combination — The Original Venetian Spritz! Shop Select 


Pampelle is a tantalizing French aperitif made with the Ruby Red Grapefruit, handpicked in the idyllic Corsica. This fruit is responsible for a sweetly bitter flavour profile of Pampelle. 

Expect a sweetly bitter flavour profile, with lingering hints of citrus. Pampelle is best enjoyed chilled. Try this artisanal bittersweet aperitif in an iconic Palpelle Spritz! Shop Pampelle

Abasolo Whisky

El Whisky de Mexico is an artisanal topple made with 100% ancestral corn that only grows at more than 7,000 feet above sea level and is found exclusively in elevated valleys throughout the States of Mexico, Tlaxcala and Puebla. 

Abasolo whisky is a unique tipple, with deep notes of roasted corn, honey, vanilla, black tea, and leather.  

Whether it’s on the rocks, in a cocktail, or served neat, you can’t go wrong with a glass of Abasolo Whisky. 

Shop Abasolo

Kiss of Wine

Kiss of Wine is a canned wine produced by small independent winemakers from Italy, France, and Germany.

Packed in attractive 250ml cans that have a shelf life of one year and are gas-tight (no oxygen ingress, which can lead to corking or CO2 loss which can lead to a wine feeling flat). This is a perfect choice for those who don't want to drink the whole bottle at a time. 

By the way, cans are fully recyclable, perfect for a circular economy, and appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

The range of Kiss of Wine contains 8 seductive tastes:
Zesty (Riesling), Feisty (Nebbiolo), Chill (Grenache rosé), Wild (Dolcetto), Crisp (Sauvignon blanc), Smooth (Chardonnay), and sparkling versions of Chill and Zesty.

Shop Kiss of Wine

Portobello Road Gin

The Portobello Road Gin was created by 4 friends who have always been into gin. It took them nine months of search and experiments to create their staple gin — Portobello Road Gin is a blend of nine selected botanicals, which include juniper berries, orris, lemon peels, bitter orange peels, nutmeg, and cassia bark. This is a rich and deep spirit that will complement and balance other spirits and modifiers in cocktails and mixed drinks.

Now the range of Portobello gins includes 7 tempting varieties: 

  • Portobello Road No. 171 Gin
  • Portobello Road Navy Strength Gin
  • Celebrated Butter Gin by Portobello Road Distillery
  • Portobello Road Old Tom Gin
  • Portobello Road Savoury Gin
  • Portobello Road Gin Sloeberry and Blackcurrant
  • Temperance by Portobello Road Distillery

Portobello Road Gins - Shop on Lassou | Drink Different

Shop Portobello Road Gin


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