New at Lassou: Sekforde Mixers, Mockingbird Spirits, and McColl's Beer

Fancy trying something different today? What about limited-edition craft beer, non-alcoholic tequila alternative, and mixers created specifically for spirits? Meet new independent brands that joined Lassou and discover their amazing products.

Sekforde Mixers

Sekforde spirits mixers are the first mixers created specifically FOR spirits.  Born out of frustration with the limited ways to enjoy spirits, these mixers are lighter, fresher options that complement and lengthen spirits instead of overpowering them. Also delicious on their own as a refreshing soft drink.

Sekforde mixers are available in 4 delicious varieties: 

  • Sekforde Lime, Mint & Cacao Soda — tailored to mix with rum
  • Sekforde Raspberry, Rose & Sage Soda — tailored to mix with gin or vodka.
  • Sekforde Prickly Pear, Fig & Cardamom Soda — tailored to mix with tequila or mezcal.
  • Sekforde Sicilian Orange, Rosemary & Gentian Soda — tailored to mix with whisky & bourbon.Sekforde Mixers - Shop at Lassou

    Shop Sekforde mixers 

    Mockingbird Spirit

    Mockingbird Spirit is the UK’s first non-alcoholic tequila alternative created for a sober lifestyle.

    In the same manner a mockingbird mimics the calls of other birds, Mockingbird Spirit proudly mimics the taste of tequila — Mockingbird Spirit.Mockingbird Spirit - Shop at Lassou

    Except the authentic tequila alternative, Mockingbird spirit created  Esmeralda Cerveza — a non-alcoholic Mexican-style beer with added Mockingbird Spirit.  It's a light and golden non-alcoholic beer with a touch of tequila taste.

    Give it a try and Shop Mockingbird Spirit

    McColl's Brewery

    McColl's Brewery is a craft brewery specializing in easy-going beers, inspired by traditional British, Belgian, and new wave styles.

    McColls Brewery core range consists of:

    • Suma IPA (5.0% ABV)
    • Petite Belgian Blonde Ale (4.1% ABV)
    • Lady Marmalade Best Bitter (4.4% ABV)
    • North South Porter (4.6% ABV)

    McColl's Beer - Shop at Lassou

    With our limited releases, we sometimes stray from that path to showcase our more experimental side — McColl's Brewery. 

    See the limited edition of McColl's beers available at Lassou and Shop McColl's Beer


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