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We’ve got something new and different for you to try today!  What about an alcohol-free all natural aperitif? Or maybe you're more of the whisky soda type. Meet new brands that joined our community, discover their amazing products!

APRTF - All-natural alcohol-free aperitif

APRTF is a new way to have your drink.

Aperitifs are all the rage these days, but this one has been particularly popular among mindful drinkers who were looking for something natural with no alcohol. APRTF was born out of these needs. You can sip it without worrying about getting tipsy but still enjoying a complex bittersweet taste that we all love aperitifs for.  

APRTF® is made with cranberry concentrate, water, wormwood, orange peel, potassium sorbate, citric acid and glycerol. The drink is balanced and vibrant with a natural tart taste and rich colour carrying the wormwood and orange bitterness.

Enjoy it in your favourite cocktails with no or low alcohol, for any occasion, and most importantly – without compromise.

Buy APRTF at Lassou 

Mogul & Dram - Your favourite whisky soda!

If you're looking for a new flavor, these light infusions from Mogul & Dram will surely be on top of your list! With just enough scotch whisky mixed in with natural flavors and carbonated just right so that each sip has an amazing balance of tartness or sweetness - there are no boring drinks here!

Mogul & Dram's founders, Jonathan & Will bring their love of the outdoors into Mogul and Dram branding. They want to inspire others to get outdoors, try something new and enjoy life's simple moments. Whether it is spending time with friends, climbing that peak you've always wanted to do, or simply enjoying a beautiful sunset with a can of refreshing Mogul & Dram in hand.

Mogul & Dram Whisky Soda | Buy on Lassou

Mogul & Dram whisky soda is available in two flavours - Lemon and Grapefruit. Check them out and shop Mogul & Dram whisky soda at Lassou!

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