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Welcome the new arrivals of the week! We have delicious booze for your best summer days! Fancy trying Mexican corn liqueur? Or looking for a bottle of great rum to make some rum cocktails? We've got you covered here. Check out new brands that joined Lassou.

Nixta Licor

Aromatic, sweet, with hints of roasted corn, vanilla and caramel. Nixta is a corn liqueur produced using the ancestral craft of nixtamalization — a 4,000-year-old Mesoamerican cooking technique that uncovers the deepest flavors and aromas of maize.

How to drink?
Nixta can be enjoyed neat or over ice. As well as a cocktail component modifier. Nixta adds sweet or savory components to favorite drinks or used to create new craft cocktail recipes.

And check out this cool bottle design! It is a tribute to the nature of Nixta's raw material: cacahuazintle corn.

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Clonakilty Whiskey

Discover a range of artisanal Irish whiskeys from the Atlantic coast.  Perched on the cliff edge, 200ft above the roaring Atlantic Ocean, Clonakilty warehouse is a very special environment in which to mature and finish exceptional Irish whiskey.

Clonakilty whiskey is available from Lassou in 3 tempting varieties:

  • Clonakilty Single Batch Double Oak Irish Whiskey - lingering warm spices on the palate, with rich almond notes and enjoyable vanilla on the finish.
  • Clonakilty Port Cask Whiskey - very fruity with cherries, raisins and soft spices, some chilli and cardamom.
  • Clonakilty Single Grain Bordeaux Cask Irish Whiskey - with flavours of strawberries, honey, vanilla and wood spice.

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Don Q Rum

Don Q is a world-class rum produced by the Serrallés family from its corporate facility in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Whether you’re looking to craft an exceptional rum cocktail or just sip something on the rocks, Don Q has got a rum for every taste. Explore a selection of Don Q rums available from Lassou and order a bottle of legendary concoction born in Puerto Rico.


Molinari Sambuca

From the post-war period to the present day, a recipe of this iconic  Italian liqueur has been handed down from generation to generation. 

Molinari sambuca has lots of slightly sweet anise flavours, rich herbal notes and a gentle touch of citrus. 

Molinari Caffè Liqueur is another mouthwatering tipple from Molinari. This is a coffee-flauvored liqueur made with Arabica coffee beans. Tastes amazing on its own, as well as in Espresso Martini or poured over ice cream

How to drink Molinari?

Molinari Sambuca can be enjoyed in various ways:

  • neat
  • ice-cold
  • on the rocks
  • with coffee beans
  • with coffee
  • in cocktails such as Negroni, Margarita, Mojito, etc.

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