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Mixers are alcohol-free beverages that are used in making cocktails and drinks. Their aim is to add some unique flavour to the drinks and, of course, to reduce the alcohol level.

There are a great variety of mixers which can make your cocktail sweeter, more bitter, sour, savoury, etc. Some other mixers are used simply to change the colour of your cocktail. To cut it short, mixers are important ingredients of all cocktails and you definitely need some for your home bar. 

The Most Popular Mixers For Cocktails: 

  • Soda is neutral sparkling water. You’ll need this one for your Mojito, Vodka Soda, Gin Rickey, etc. 
  • Tonic Water is carbonated water with quinine flavour. Gin and Tonic, Rum and Tonic, Vodka and Tonic are some of the amazing simple drinks you can make at home. 
  • Ginger Ale is a soft carbonated drink with ale flavour. It is an ingredient for such cocktails as Diablo, Scotch & Ginger Highball, Dark & Stormy.
  • Juice. You definitely need some tomatoes to juice for you Bloody Mary, orange juice for Tequila Sunrise, cranberry juice for Sex on the Beach, etc. 
  • Shrubs. Shrubs can add depth and complexity to your drinks through a blend of sweet, savoury, and tart notes. These vinegar cordials work great with different types of alcohol — ginrumwhisky, sparkling wine, red bitters, etcShop shrubs
  • Agave Nectar is much sweeter than sugar but it has a healthier reputation and can easily replace simple sugar syrup in your cocktails. You can add some Agave Nectar into your favourite Margarita, Cosmopolitan, and Sidecar. 
  • Bitters are blends of various aromatic herbs, botanicals, spices, and other flavours. The most popular types of bitters are aromatic, citrus, nuts, and herbal. Bitters are essential for many cocktails, for example, Old-Fashioned, Manhattan, Sazerac, etc. 
  • Special spirit mixers. These are non-alocholic fruit-infused drinks created to pair with different spirits. Discover more about spirit mixers in our blog post 9 Best Cocktail Mixers: Upgrade Your Cocktail Drinking Experience With These Mixers

Explore the diversity of mixers at Lassou and choose the best mixers and spirits for your home bar. Enjoy the exclusive taste of homemade cocktails.

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