Liqueur Is Always A Good Idea

Liqueur is a sweet and flavour counterpart to alcohols. Previously, liqueurs were used in medicine for stomach ailments. As these medicines had an awful taste, they were sweetened with honey. All liqueurs consist of the following constituents:

  • The base spirits (usually rum, gin, vodka, tequila, brandy);
  • The flavouring agent (herbs, spices, fruits);
  • The sweetener (honey, sugar);
  • Colourings ingredients (optional).

Liqueurs play an important role in making cocktails. They come in many flavours and can last quite a long time. 

5 types of Liqueurs

  • Honey Liqueur 
  • Popular examples include Germany’s Barenjager that's prominently used in cocktails Pink Hone Martini and Honey Dew Me Shooter.

  • Orange Liqueur
  • Popular examples of orange Liqueurs include Cointreau, Triple Sec, Grand Marnier.

  • Irish Cream Liqueur
  • This beverage has the taste of cream with notes of caramel and fruit. The best representatives of Irish Cream are Baileys and Cotswolds Cream Liqueur.

  • Coffee Liqueur
  • This is a combination that includes two most popular drinks - alcohol and coffee. Examples: Kahlua, Leopold Bros, Lockhouse Revolution, Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.

  • Anise-Flavoured Liqueur
  • The most popular examples of Anise-Flavored Liqueurs are Absinthe, Ouzo and Mistra, Sambuca, Pastis.

    It is just a little part of all possible tastes and flavours of liqueurs. They come with different levels of alcohol, sweetness, even their body varies greatly. If you are looking for some great liqueurs for your home bar check out our available beverages. We have some incredible sipping pleasures especially for you. Choose liqueurs and other spirits online at and enjoy your drinks.

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