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It's officially picnic season! Finally, we can grab our blankets and picnic baskets, meet our friends and enjoy some nice drinks! While maintaining the social distance, of course.

We want to make your life a little bit easier (because life is complicated enough) and made a list of great drink recommendations for your upcoming picnic — beer, seltzers, wine, and more.

Hard Seltzers 

Of course, we will begin our list with hard seltzers as they are an amazing option for drinking outdoors. Seltzers are low in alcohol, packed in portable cans that you can carry anywhere, and, let's admit it, hard seltzers are delicious. Here are our top 3 hard seltzers produced by independent UK makers and packed with all-natural ingredients!

Served Drinks Raspberry Hard Seltzer is made from crystal clear British water, fresh wonky raspberries from Scotland, and ServedPure™, which is a gluten-free spirit made of beet in France. All these ingredients are combined together, creating a crispy and delicate spirit, that will not make you drunk. 

Enjoy the taste of fresh cucumber and cooling mint in Whisp Cucumber & Mint hard seltzerPairs well with wide-open skies and toes in the grass. Whisp hard seltzers include milk thistle which is a natural detox plant to support a healthy liver. 

Wine in a Can

Canned wine is a perfect suit to our pandemic time as it has recyclable packing, it is portable and provides Covid-safe single serves. Grab a few cans of Nice wine to pair with your barbeque and snacks. Nice wine is represented in three seductive options:

Malbec — a full-bodied red wine. It is dry, fruity, and rich in taste with tobacco, plum, and chocolate notes.

Sauvignon Blanc — a medium-bodied white wine with rich grassy and herbal flavors accompanied by aromas of white peach, green apple, and passion fruit. 

Pale Rosé — is a light-bodied wine with magnificent aromas of strawberry, cherry, raspberry, and vibrant citrus.

In our blog post, you can learn more about How to Pair Wine and Food.

Sparkling Mead

If you are looking for some vibrant and fresh sipping then consider choosing sparkling mead for your upcoming picnic. Van Hunks Sparkling Rosé Mead will make a perfect alternative to your favorite sparkling wine. It is dry and refreshing, with delightful floral notes on the palate. A mouthwatering marriage of honey, water, yeasts, fermented hibiscus, and a little bit of magic.


Beer is always a good idea and there are so many great beers crafted in the UK. You can choose any taste you want, literary. From malty and tropical Extra Pale Ale to light and crisp Small Lager. If you are looking for something extra cool and unusual — try craft Fungtn beer brewed to 0.5% with a functional finish of adaptogenic mushrooms. No high effect, no mushroom taste, just rich and delightful taste. 

For all those sober-curious beer fans, we recommend grabbing a few cans of Freestar 0% ABV beer. Enjoy refreshing citrus notes dancing on your tongue. You will love it!

Pre-Mixed Cocktails

Cocktail-lover? Then take your favorite drinks already mixed for you! Tayēr + Elementary is a world-class collection of pre-mixed cocktails. The range of these bottled cocktails includes 5 classical cocktails. If you miss travels as much as we do and want to feel the taste of Southeast Asia, then try ready-to-drink cocktails created by Tarsier Spirits. Calamansi Negroni and Lychee & Raspberry Bonbon were inspired by Asian culture and cuisine.

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