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Wine was deeply appreciated by ancient cultures and used in their religious ceremonies. Greeks even had the god of wine craft, Dionysus  — a great pal who loved the theatre, festivals, and a glass of good wine. Centuries passed by, and the craft of winemaking has developed. Now we have thousands of wine varieties that can cater for all tastes. 

Classification Of Wine

No two wines are alike. The palate depends on the area where it is produced, the kind of grapes, climate, humidity, in what casks it is aged, if there are some additional components, etc.  

 Generally, wines are labelled according to the following criteria:

  • the region of making;
  • maturity of the fruit;
  • kind of grape or type of wine;
  • year of production;
  • colour;
  • level of sweetness;
  • aroma bouquet.

The main wine-producing countries are:

France – regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Loire, Alsace.

Italy – regions of Toscana, Piemonte, Sicilia, Lombardia,Veneto.

Germany – regions of Ahr, Baden, Franconia, Mosel.

Spain – winemaking regions La Rioja, Priorat DOQ, Ribera del Duero DO, Rueda DO.

United States – states of California, Virginia, Oregon, Texas,  Pennsylvania.

Australia – winemaking regions  Adelaide, Barossa, Geelong, Eden Valley.

This is just a tiny percent of all regions where wine is produced. Amazing, right? Wine… a fermented grape drink that conquered our hearts and taste sensors. If you like wine as much as we do, then you will enjoy our choice of spirits from independent winemakers. Explore new tastes and choose your new favourite Wine and other spirits online at Lassou.


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