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Summer is getting closer and that means that it's time to find your new favourite wine of the season. We know that it might be hard to find something you’ll really, really enjoy over and over again. And that's when Lassou comes to play, offering you a delicious canned wine that will make your summer days and nights even more memorable. Let's discover what Kiss of Wine has to offer you!

About Kiss of Wine 

Kiss of Wine is a canned wine brand that offers wines from Italy, France, and Germany.

At Kiss of Wine, they source some great-tasting wines from small, independent winemakers who are making their drink of gods with a special love and passion. 

The brand is not just about selling wine, however. They put much effort to share the knowledge about the art of winemaking, wine language, drinking traditions, and its environmental impact. And they are doing all that in a simple, easy-to-understand language, as your friend, not as some high-and-mighty sommelier. 

Check out their Instagram to learn more about all things wine.

Wines that are about can-venience

Kiss of Wine is packed in attractive 250ml cans that have a shelf life of one year and are gas-tight (no oxygen ingress, which can lead to corking or CO2 loss which can lead to a wine feeling flat).

There is also another reason why they choose to can their wine rather than bottle it. Cans are fully recyclable, perfect for a circular economy, and appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

All wines from the collection are 100% vegan. Winemakers use no animal products to produce Kiss of Wine. Moreover, the aluminum cans packaging also ensures no beeswaxed seals or milk products in your corks.

Discover the Kiss of Wine collection at Lassou. We have 5 seductive tastes to offer you today:

Feisty Nebbiolo

A dry red wine produced in the Piedmont region of Italy by the independent winemaker Corrado. Many generations of Corrado's family have tended his small Piedmont vineyard, surrounded by wildflower meadows.

Expect a gentle sense of strawberries and pepper on the nose are followed by a light and fruity palate, with fresh tannins and high acidity.

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Wild Dolcetto

A generous Dolcetto from Piedmont in Italy. All about dark red fruits and berries, it's a wildflower garden in a glass. Pairs perfectly with pizza, pasta and great company.

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Crisp Sauvignon Blanc

A classy Sauvignon produced by the independent winemaker on The Loire Valley in France. This is a deliciously crispy wine with a medium acidity, and clean, crisp finish.

Tt's a light, mineral, and, well, a crisp wine! Tastes of fresh green fruit, citrus, and a slight touch of ripe peach will be dancing on your tongue.

Buy Crisp Sauvignon Blanc

Smooth Chardonnay

A sophisticated Chardonnay from The Loire Valley in France. It has soft citrus notes and a fresh mineral taste.

An amazing combination of rich floral and honey aromas. This wine has enough complexity to hold its own against a bold seafood dish such as cod. It'll also melt in the mouth when paired with a piece of creamy goat cheese.

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Zesty Riesling

An elegant and aromatic Riesling from The Rheingau in Germany.

Take a sniff and you'll notice peaches and elderflowers. Unlike other German Rieslings, this is a dry wine, with a citrusy finish that will go down well on a sunny day. Pairs perfectly with a spicy Pad Thai.

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