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Have you noticed that everything tastes better when cooked outside among best friends and family? Especially when it's paired with beautiful summer weather and delcious drinks. Sounds like a great plan for the weekend, right? 

We rounded up 10 drinks to kick off your next BBQ party: wine, aperitives, beer, hard seltzers, and more. These drinks go great with whatever is on the grill. 

Gerry's Hard Seltzers

Gerry's hard seltzers are born in New Zealand and made by blending real fruit flavours with sparkling spring water and premium quality spirit. Fresh, low cal, seltzers that are just perfect for sharing with friends!

Available in 6 delicious tastes:

  • Watermelon & Mint Vodka Seltzer – tastes like summer: refreshing and juicy.
  • Pineapple & Coconut Rum Seltzer – light and refreshing take on Pina Colada!
  • Cucumber & Lemon Gin Seltzer – this is an instant Gin Seltzer classic.
  • Apple & Lime Rum Seltzer – effortlessly zingy but hella punchy!
  • Passion Fruit & Lime Vodka Seltzer – sweet and sparkling with a zesty vodka kick.
  • Strawberry & Kiwi Gin Seltzer – juicy strawberry and kiwi combo tastes as good as it sounds!

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Mockingbird Spirit – Esmeralda Cerveza

Esmeralda is a non-alcoholic Mexican-style cerveza with added Mockingbird Spirit! It's a light and golden non-alcoholic beer with a touch of tequila taste. Looks great, tastes even better. Perfect pairing for tacos, quesadilla, and fun!

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Kiss of Wine

Wine in a can and barbeque... Sounds like a perfect match. Try delicious wines crafted by independent winemakers from Italy, France, and Germany. This pack includes a mixture of all Kiss of Wine cans (16 or 24).

All wines are vegan. Winemakers use no animal products to produce Kiss of Wine. And canned wine also ensures no beeswaxed seals or milk products in your corks.

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Pampelle Aperitif

Bonjour, L'Apero lovers! All the way from France, here comes Pampelle, a tantalizing pomegranate aperitif! Just the perfect concoction for the summer. Expect a sweetly bitter flavour profile, with lingering hints of citrus. 

Pampelle is best enjoyed chilled. Try this artisanal bittersweet aperitif in an iconic Palpelle Spritz!

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Mc'Colls Beer

McColl's Brewery is a craft brewery specializing in easy-going beers, inspired by traditional British, Belgian, and new wave styles. 

Try their easy-going limited-edition beers:

  • Beetroot Biere de Garde — earthy and crisp from the first mouthfeel, a fruity sweet and juicy body.
  • Light Nights Spruce Grisette — super soft and light, delicate and refreshing.
  • Paper White - Extra Pale Ale — this clean beer finishes on an extra dry note and complimentary fruity esters.

Explore the whole range and shop Mc'Colls beers. 

CALEÑO – Light & Zesty Bundle

Teetotaler? Then this Caleño Light and Zesty bundle is just a perfect match with you! Light and Zesty is a zero alcohol juniper infused drink bursting with “zingy, zesty and spicy exotic flavours”. 

Sugar-free. Sweetener free. Allergen-free. No artificial flavours are added. Tastes great mixed with tonic and goes perfect with any food. 

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Bloody Drinks – Bloody Drinks Classic Bloody Mary Can

Bloody Mary in a can you say? Yep, and it's bloody delicious!

Made with all-natural ingredients, with no colourings or flavour enhancers, and at only 136 calories per can – this is one of the best Bloody Mary's options in the cocktail world! Creat pairing for burgers, steaks and hot dogs!

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El Bandarra Vermouths

Throw a Spanish-style barbeque party with these tantalizing El Bandarra Vermouths! 

  • Al Fresco – soft, bittersweet, with notes of Mediterranean botanicals and a nice touch of grapefruit.
  • Rojo is a smooth, appetizing aperitif with a perfect bitter-sweet balance.
  • Blanco – smooth and bittersweet, with a touch of vanilla, mint, and citrus.
  • Rose – delicate, fresh, and juicy, with tons of summer fruit.

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Vivir Blanco Tequila

VIVIR Tequila Blanco is a smooth, clean and floral spirit. Made of 100% Blue Weber Agave, double distilled and blended with pure volcanic water. 

Expect bright verbal notes balanced with sweet hints of caramel and a gentle pepper hint. Great for sipping, having in a cocktail or with your favourite mixer. Pair it with grilled meat, cheese, and of course, with Mexican food!

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Small Beer

Small beer is a selection of delicious low-ABV beers:

  • Lager – classic pilsner-style, light, crisp, with a citrus touch.
  • Session Pale – refreshing pale ale, full of juicy bitterness and incredible tropical finish.
  • Steam – amber style beer, perfectly bridging the gap between lager and ale.
  • Dark Lager – intense colour and deep taste. All coffee, toast, dark chocolate and roasted toasty finish.
  • Organic IPA –  rich hop aromas with hints of orange and a rich marmalade bitterness on the finish.

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