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Rum is a distilled spirit made from a fermented mash that is derived from sugar cane.  Back in the 17th century, the Caribbean was the world’s powerhouse of sugar production. When they made sugar by crashing sugarcane and boiled the juices, the main industrial waste was molasses. The colonial “sugar daddies” were swimming in it and thinking about how to get rid of this rubbish. Then slaves realized that there is just enough sugar in molasses to attract yeast so they fermented and distilled it into alcohol. That is how rum was born. 

The startup spirit, however, was far from great. Within many years, experiments with taste and methods of production, the terrible moonshine became the sipping delicacy we know today.

Types of Rum

Today, rum is produced in almost 50 different countries and many of them have different rules and regulations, which has created a lack of consistency across the category. The style of rum vary within countries, but still, there are 7 common types of this spirit drink which include:

White Rum – clear, light-bodied, charcoal filtered. Tasting notes: light oak, tropical fruit, generally used for mixing in long drinks and cocktails.

Gold rum – aged longer than a light one, although sometimes caramel is used to colour the drink to give the impression of aging. Tasting notes: vanilla, oak, and toffee.

Dark rum – well-aged in barrels and sometimes coloured with molasses. Tasting notes: dark chocolate, coffee, dried fruits.

Spiced rum – flavoured with spices such as vanilla and cinnamon, traditionally to make poor quality rum taste better, but now a style all of its own. 

Aged rum –  is aged for a long time, and can be as complex as a whisky with tasting notes of vanilla, oak, tobacco, leather.

Overproof/Navy Strength rum – a style popular in Jamaica, it contains over 50% of alcohol. Tasting notes: bananas, pineapples, pears, walnuts.  Used for cocktails and mixed drinks.

Rhum Agricole – made only from fresh-pressed sugarcane juices, rather than molasses. This type of rum is specific to the French Caribbean islands. Can come in different varieties: white, dark, gold. It has vegetal, grassy notes.

How to Drink Rum?

Rum can be enjoyed in many ways:

  1. You can drink it neat.
  2. Like whisky, with ice or a splash of water.
  3. With a mixer such as a cola or tonic.

Also, rum is the base for some truly remarkable cocktails such as Daiquiri, Mojito, Pina Colada, Hurricane, Dark & Stormy, and many other delicious drinks.

From distilled waste and pirates’ poison to sipping delight, rum has come a long way. Celebrate life with a glass of exclusive rum, made with love and craftsmanship. Buy independent rum online at Lassou and enjoy the taste of its spirit.


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