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Non-Alcoholic Wine is made exactly as the alcoholic one, but before bottling the spirit, the alcohol molecules are removed. It can be done using such methods as pasteurization (the spirit is heated to 80–82 °С and then cooled), vacuum distillation (the ethanol molecules are removed under the temperature of 27 °С), and reverse osmosis (this technology is based on separating ethanol and water molecules from the wine.

Then this mixture of water and alcohol is distilled, and this non-alcohol water is recombined with the initial substance). The last technology is the most complicated but it helps to preserve the aroma and tannin of the wine. 

Non-alcoholic wine as well as other non-alcoholic drinks has many benefits:

  • It is lower in calories;
  • You can drink it before or during important events, and forget about the feeling of shame and hangover;
  • People, who are allergic to alcohol, can enjoy zero booze drinks;
  • This beverage decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Overall, alcohol-free wine is a great option for those who are looking for a healthier alternative of regular wines.

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