Home Bar Essentials: Best Bottles For Your Home Bar

Now that drinking at home is not only a lot of fun but also the socially responsible thing to do, its probably the high time to make sure your home bar is up to scratch. There is a huge upsurge in people interested in making cocktails at home and many of them are struggling to choose the best spirits to buy. Well, let’s take a look.

The most important thing to remember is that it is your home bar, there is no point filling it with things you don’t like just because they are cool. So, this is a guideline to help you build on according to your own taste.


Vodka is usually used as a crisp base just to carry other flavours. It is one of the most mixable spirits. Bartenders tend to say that even if you don’t usually drink vodka, there is a cocktail with vodka that you will definitely enjoy. So, start your home bar from vodka. Take a look at our  choice of vodkas and order a bottle of craft spirit at Lassou.

Gin. Classic London-style gin is a perfect option for your home cocktails. Juniper and citrus are the main notes of the spirit. There is a lot of cocktails that can be made with gin, like the martini, the negroni, the autumn fizz, and many others.   Explore gins from British distilleries

Tequila. You definitely want to look for something that is 100% agave and Blanco tequilas are generally the most easily used in cocktails as they are clean and fresh it makes fruity and herbaceous notes to mixed drinks. Obviously, if you like tequilas then feel free look at some reposados and anejos just for sipping.

Rum. This spirit covers such a broad spectrum of styles that it can be hard to narrow down. If you can only have one rum something like East London Rarer Rum is great. It is heavy enough to stand up in tiki drinks like a Mai Tai or Pina Colada but it also not gonna overpower something lighter like a daiquiri or a mojito. If you are a rum fan, consider buying one light one dark rum for versatility.  See what rums Lassou has for you.

Whisky. This one might be controversial, but if you are looking for a whisky with a big punch of flavour and spiciness. Whisky is perfect for anything like a manhattan, old-fashioned, or old pal. It is really good to have around a bottle of nice rye, single malt, and blend whisky.  Discover amazing whiskies at Lassou.


Now when you have your spirit rate sorted it’s time to work out what you’re gonna mix them with. The secondary ingredients are known as modifiers and can be combined with your base spirits in different ways.

Triple Sec also sometimes known as orange curacao. This is a sweet and flavorful orange liqueur that is used in tons of different cocktails like the Kamikaze, the Margarita, the Sidecar, etc. 

Vermouth is a fortified wine, flavoured with various botanicals. Vermouth comes in two varieties — there are sweet and dry options. Sweet vermouth can round out and sweeten up a drink that is too harsh for example in a manhattan. Dry vermouth has more forward botanicals taste and, obviously, it is less sweet. Dry vermouth is used in many cocktails, for example, in a martini, Brooklyn, el Presidente, and many others. So it is good to have a bottle of it on hand.  Buy vermouth at Lassou.

Bitters are really the bartender’s secret weapon to elevate drinks to another level. You only use a couple of drops in each drink but they can transform the flavour and taste profile of your cocktail. Angostura is a classic here and for the good reason as it goes really well in almost everything. We also recommend you take some orange bitter for delicate notes and you can combine both Angostura and orange bitters in your cocktails for the best of both worlds.

There you have it. A list of bottles you need to start making cocktails at home. You can experiment with the liquors and expand your collection with new bottles that you can always find at Lassou. This is just basic spirits and modifiers that will be useful at the beginning. Shake and stir those drinks and enjoy your homemade cocktails. Looking for some delicious cocktail recipes? We got you covered! Explore cocktail recipes in our blog.


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