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If you have never tried hard seltzer before, chances are you will try it very soon. Basically, hard seltzer is fizzy water with a low hit of alcohol and fruit flavourings. But, actually, it is not that easy. 

In recent years, the term wellness has been much more than just our physical health, body shape, and nutrition. Wellness  includes physical, emotional, and social health. For consumers, the rise of the wellness culture drives the rising demand for low ABV content beverages while brands are reinventing their values to cater to this trend. Hard Seltzers have appeared as a response to human demand for light and refreshing alternatives to vodka, whisky, and other high ABV spirits.

Now hard seltzers are bombarding the UK market. New brands keep popping up, selling not just the alcoholic sparkling water but also promoting their mission to make our world better. We have looked through the UK Hard Seltzers market and identified those brands which are both delicious and planet-positive. Here is our list of hard seltzers that are worth trying. 

By the way, once we tried to figure out why hard seltzers are so popular. You can read our deduction attempts here.

Served Drinks

Once, the founders of Served Drinks realized that whilst living in the age when more people maintain a healthy lifestyle and care about the food they put in their bodies, most of the alcoholic drinks on the market are packed with artificial flavourings and tons of sugars. That's why they came up with the idea to create a new spirit brand and produce light, refreshing, and all-natural beverages. That is how the Served Drinks appeared on the UK market. 

While many businesses measure their success purely by profit, Served Drinks measure theirs in how much they are able to give back. Served hard seltzers are made by infusing fresh wonky fruit, saving them from being wasted. The other ingredients include natural spring water and their ultra-pure, four-times distilled, ServedPure™ gluten-free spirit. A  resulting spirit is crisp, light in flavour, with a touch of natural sweetness. With Served hard seltzers you can have both fun and no-guilty soft drinks that are low in calories, alcohol, and sugar. 

Served Drinks invest 5% of their profits into environmental projects dedicated to saving endangered species around the globe. And you can help them with their mission by purchasing their delicious and all-pure Lime Hard Seltzer and Raspberry Hard Seltzer

Whisp Drinks 

Whisp Drinks were created by a personal trainer Harriet who was searching for natural and refreshing beverages for those who want to drink less but drink better. Whisp hard seltzers are the ideal choice when you want to relax with a drink at night, but still be fresh and active in the morning.  

At Whisp they said no to plastic packaging, sugars, hangover, artificial flavourings, and other terrible stuff everyone needs to get rid of to feel better. Speaking of feeling better, Whisp hard seltzers include milk thistle which is a natural detox plant to support a healthy liver. 

Whisp Drinks are better for you and our planet! The brand collaborates with The Drinks Trust, an organization that supports the drink industry employees in these times of uncertainty. In order to reduce the carbon footprint, the ingredients are collected in sustainable ways, and, on top of that, the Whisp team plants trees for every Whisp member every month in conjunction with Offset Earth. That's what we call a climate-positive brand! 

Whisp range includes two delicious flavors: Cucumber and Mint and Raspberry and Elderflower. 

Now we are witnessing the growing demand for drinks that are sugar-free, gluten-free, and low-ABV. This demand has created a great opportunity for the spirit brands, and there will be much more beautiful and sustainable hard seltzer producers in the market. UK consumers are taste-driven but they are also spoiled for choice, hence, the new brands need to be unique and think outside the box to be noticed and valued. And we are looking forward to meeting you with new amazing hard seltzers here at Lassou! 

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