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Coffee + alcohol = one of life's great pairings. Whether it be a chilly winter evening or an afternoon pick-me-up, coffee and spirits are perfect together. You don't have to settle for just one kind of spirit with your cup o' joe either – you can mix and match as many different kinds as you want!  Here are six spirits that make an excellent addition to your coffee.

Rum + Coffee

While rum and coffee taste great by themselves, pairing them together creates an even better drinking experience! The flavors of both beverages meld together into something entirely new when combined. The burnt, sweet yet woody rum flavour is a match made in heaven for the smooth, smoky taste of coffee.

Try your favorite rum with an espresso and a hint of whipped cream and you will have one of the best drinks of your life. You can also add a rum-based chocolate liqueur to add some sweet edge to the tipple. This will be a perfect drink to enjoy with a dessert on a cold night.

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Chocolate Liqueur + Coffee

Coffee and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly. There's something magical about the combination of a bitter coffee bean mixed with sweet, creamy chocolate that makes for an irresistible beverage. If you haven't tried it yet, then maybe this is the perfect time to experiment!

Spice up your mochas by adding a dash of chocolate liquor to your coffee and top with whipped cream for a heavenly good drink.

Sambuca + Coffee

In Italy, a popular way to enjoy coffee is with the addition of sambuca.

Sambuca is a liqueur made from anise and other ingredients. It has a sweet licorice flavor that pairs well with coffee's bitter taste. Adding just a few drops can intensify the espresso's aroma and give it an added sweetness that complements its bitterness nicely.

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Whisky + Coffee

Pairing a whisky with coffee is an art. Like whisky, coffee varies greatly depending on its origin and how it has been processed.

In general, darker roasted coffees go better with whiskies that have been aged longer as they will balance out some of the bitterness from the roast. Smokey whiskies pair well with dark roasts that have similar flavors. Irish whiskey, on the other hand, has a lot more sweetness than scotch and should be paired accordingly.

Mix up your morning routine by trying one or two new pairings this week!

Tequila + Coffee

Tequila and coffee may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pairing spirits and drinks, but they actually make a perfect match.

Coffee can bring out some of the earthy flavors in tequila while also complementing its boldness. To fully appreciate the best of both worlds, try Mexican Coffee.



Combine liqueur, tequila and coffee in your favourite coffee mug, top up with whipped cream, and enjoy! 

Mexican Coffee Recipe - Lassou Blog | Drink Different

Cocktail Bitters + Coffee

Bitters are the secret to an invigorating coffee. A few drops of this intriguing ingredient can help energize your day, especially when combined with milk or cream and/or sugar!

Bitters should be used sparingly so as not overwhelming but instead added in moderation for balance. Because coffee is bitter by nature, it's easy to overdo it with bitters. Start with 1 or two drops, taste, and then add more if needed. 

Here are 3 cocktail bitters that pair well with coffee:

  • Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters - will add a robust nut flavour and complexity to your favourite cocktails and coffee. 
  • Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters  - contain the ideal blend of cocoa, peppers, and spices. Just a few drops of this bitter will add rich chocolate notes balanced with warm, cinnamon and chili hints to your coffee.  
  • Fee Brothers Molasses Bitters are made with spicy blackstrap molasses, nutmeg, and roasted coffee beans. Lovely addition to the coffee and coffee-based cocktails!
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carol jordan

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