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Are you looking for some nice and cool glasses for your home bar? Then you are in the right place. We have a nice collection of glassware for your cocktails, shots, and other spirit drinks. Check out our choice, and order glasses that will make your drinks taste even better. 

Highball Glass is a glass that you will use for the majority of your mixed drinks and cocktails. Drinks such as Rum and Coke, Gin and Tonic, Blue Lagoon, Tequila Sunrise are usually served in Highball glasses.

Lowball Glass ( also called Rocks Glass/Shot Glass) it is a versatile glass used for drinks served neat, shots, and lowball cocktails like White Russian.

Mixing Glass (Pint Glass) is a glass used for Beer, some cocktails like Long Islands. It is commonly used for combining ingredients for cocktail making, and all tall mixed drinks. 

A shot glass is a small glass for taking shots. Typically it holds one oz. or one and a half oz. of alcohol. The shot glass can also be used as a measuring device for cocktail making. 

Snifter is the proper glass for brandy and whisky. It is held at the bottom of the bowl to allow your palm to warm the alcohol while holding it. 

Martini Glass is used for martinis and drinks served up, meaning chilled by shaking with ice, then strained into a martini glass without ice. 

Red and White Wine Glasses Red Wine glasses are wider giving the wine more room to breathe which makes the flavor and aroma of Red Wine more noticeable. White Wine glasses, in their turn, are narrower to preserve the floral flavors and to maintain a cooler temperature. 

Champagne Flute is a tall narrow glass used for champagne and champagne cocktails such as a Mimosa and French 45.

Glercain Whisky GlassThe wide bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the colour of whisky and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand.

Champagne Coupe Glass has a wide and shallow bowl. This glass is used for Champagne and Champagne cocktails, and some craft Beers. 

Copa Glass. The bowl-like shape enhances the nose of the gin, allowing you to fully appreciate the botanicals and aromas.

Beer Mug is used for vodka and shots. Just kidding, it is a common Beer glass and you definitely need this one if you are a big fan of Beer.

Goblet is a stemmed glass with a large vessel. It can be used for water, Wine, Beer, and cocktails. 

Hurricane Glass is a tall lamp shaped glass used for cocktails, typically frozen ones that are fruity and contain Rum, for example, Pina Colada, Blue Hawaii, and Strawberry Daiquiri. 

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