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Are you ready for hometainment?  Virtual tasting events are a viable option for all of us to keep in touch and share our passion for great spirits. 

Throwing a virtual gin tasting party is much easier than preparing the real one, but still, there are some nuances. We got you covered with this, and made a list of everything you need to do to host an amazing virtual gin tasting experience. 

Make a list of gins 

Start your preparations by choosing the bottles to drink. Don't know what gins to include in the tasting? Here are our top choices of each style:

Some distilleries have created their tasting sets featuring their best gins tonics, and even shacks. Here are three great readymade gin tastning sets that you can buy now:

Warner’s Distillery Taste the Farm Gin & Tonic Set. A selection of colourful award-winning, farm-grown gins, complemented with Fever-Tree mixers. Try aromatic, smooth and delicate small batch gins produced by Warner’s Distillery. 

Tarsier Gin & Cocktail Tasting Experience. Enjoy the journey around Southeast Asia without leaving your cozy and safe home! Tansier Spirits provide you with drinks and video experience so that you can take a virtual trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Cotswolds Virtual Gin Tasting Experience. If you are a big fan of Cotswolds gins or looking for the ultimate gin gift, then this online tasting is a great option. Discover the story of Cotswolds Distillery and how they lovingly craft their range of gins.

… and garnishes

Also, consider preparing some garnishes and mixers for your gin cocktails. Remember that cocktails are all about the balance of ingredients. There are two ways of choosing cocktails ganisher: compare or contrast. Those garnishes, that compare the spiritis are aimed to highlight the dominating taste whilst the contrast garnishes will add new flavours to your drink. The great thing about garnishes is that they balance and elevate the cocktails. 

Choose the glassware

For enjoying gin neat, take whisky glasses as their shape is perfect for tasting and nosing neat spirits.  A whisky glassware with a curved side will help you to capture the aromas of the liquid. 

When making gin cocktails, consider using copa glass as it not only looks great but also is perfect for mixed drinks and there is plenty of room for ice and garnish.

Taste it: Step by step recommendations on how to taste gin

First of all, serve the gin at a room temperature. The flavours and aromas can’t unleash in a full spectrum when they are too cold or warm. 

Start your tasting without using any additives such as ice, tonic, or garnish. If you need, you can have some still water to hand.

Pour a gin into the glass and swirl it to unleash the aromas. Then gently nose the gin trying to detect the flavours — juniper, lemon or orange peel, spicy or fruity notes, etc. 

Make a small sip, and see if you can trace the same aromas that you did when nosing the gin. Then let it stay on the tongue for a few moments, and then swirl it in your mouth to caprute other notes.

Try to set apart the botanical components, for example, juniper, coriander seed, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel, star anise, dried grapefruit peel, fresh lime peel, lavender, and other botanicals.

Swallow the gin and identify the character of finish and aftertaste.

Repeat the procedure for all gins. Take a few sips of cold, weak coffee to cleanse your palate between gins. You can also sniff coffee beans. 

Here are a some terms to help you identify the gin flavour profile:

Delicate / Dry / Fresh / Fruity / Citrus-forward / Juniper-forward / Piney / Herbal / Peppery /Sharp / Spicy / Warming / Floral / Gentle / Smooth / Soft  / Creamy

Enjoy your gin!

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