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Tonic is to gin, what fish is to chips, and salt is to vinegar. Featuring only two ingredients, Gin and Tonic is and incredibly versatile cocktail. Its rich botanical character is pretty refreshing and intriguing. We've gathered a few tips on how to make the best G & T and included the list of our favorite gins that work gorgeously with tonic!

History Of Gin And Tonic

Tonic has its origins in South America where the bark of the cinchona tree was used to treat malaria. As a powder, it was mixed with water and sugar to cut the bitter taste of the quinine.

Tonic really got its kickstart in the 1820s. British troops stationed in India used quinine water as medicine for malaria. It was pretty bitter, to say the least, so they added sweeteners such as local fruits and sugar to help cut the bright flavour of the quinine. But, being British, the troops also carried another thing with them: a ration of London Dry Gin. So they added some gin to, in the words of Mary Poppins ‘help their medicine go down’ and that is the story of how one of the world's most popular drink was born.

7 Gins For Your Perfect G & T

This is the list of seven gins that get us excited, make our tastebuds tingle and our hands reach for the tonic and citrus. These gins offer new, different expressions of the classic tipple. 

Tarsier Southeast Asian Dry Gin is a citrus-forward spirit with savory mid notes and a long peppery finish inspired by the cuisine of Southeast Asia. 7 classical gin botanicals are distilled with five traditional Southeast Asian herbs calamansi, Thai sweet basil, galangal, and Kampot pepper, providing exclusive citrus-forward aromas, followed by bright juniper flavour and long peppery finish.

Victory Cold Distilled Gin is made in London using a unique and modern process that conserves energy and reduces water waste. Expect light notes of orange and anise followed by spiciness and juniper flavors. This gin is delicate in aroma and perfect for your G&T. 

Conker Dorset Dry Gin is distilled in Bournemouth from British wheat spirit and New Forest Spring Water. The Dorset Dry is a refreshing take on a classic London Dry. 10 selected botanicals are perfectly balanced with juniper flavours coming to the fore. Expect the bright and refreshing notes of elderberries, marsh samphire and hand foraged gorse flowers. 

Cooper King Dry Gin is a carbon-negative gin. That means that one bottle of this gin removes 1 kg more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits and plants 1 square metre of native UK woodland. Rich cardamom notes married with juicy citrus and floral layers of local honey deliver a fresh, vibrant gin of exceptional character. Serve with Indian tonic water and a fresh rosemary sprig to create the Garden G&T.

Warner's Harrington Dry Gin is a classic London Dry Gin made with the distillery's very own spring water and 11 selected botanicals. Amazing bold and spicy flavours of juniper and black pepper are followed by silky orange notes and hints of cinnamon and a long spicy finish. Great stuff for you G & T. 

Brighton Gin Pavilion Strength. Clear and bright in the glass. The subtle notes of juniper and persistent hints of orange make Brighton Gin gentle and very drinkable. 

Cotswolds Baharat Gin is a small-batch gin created to bring you on the journey around the Middle East! Amazing stuff, packed with cardamom buns and zesty orange mixed with juniper berry goodness! It is perfect as a long, refreshing G&T with a slice of orange.

Tips on Making the Best Gin and Tonic 

It may seem that making a two-ingredient cocktail must be easy as pie. But, nope. Every detai, from glassware to garnish is important. So, here are simple guidelines that will help you to elevate your G & T making skills.

Tip 1. Balance is the key. It is said, that the perfect ratio is two parts tonic to one part gin. In this case, gin flavors don't overcome tonic aromas and vice versa. We don't insist on folliwing this rule. If you prefer your cocktail strong, then go for it.

Tip 2. Choose the right glass. Usually, Gin and Tonic is served in a highball glass, but the seasoned drinkers know that the drink tastes better when served in a copa glass. Why? Because such glass keeps the cocktail cold as you don't touch the drink and it stays chill longer. Also, copa glass is wide and perfectly unleashes the aromas of gin and garnishes. 

Tip 3. Garnish always matters. Choose garnishes that highlight the dominating taste and balance your drink. Here are some of the most popular G & T garnishes: lime slices, lemon slices, orange wheel, grapefruit wheel, fresh mint, fresh rosemary, cucumber, orange peel, juniper berries. You can combine a few garnishes to accentuate the gin flavors. 

Gin and Tonic Recipe

60ml gin
120ml tonic water
2 lemon wheels - to garnish

Pour gin into the chilled copa glass filled with ice. Top up with tonic and garnish with lemons. Cheers!

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