Drink Different: 7 Delicious Spirits Worth Sipping

Looking for some exclusive bottles to enrich your spirits collection? You’ll find all the best spirits, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks crafted by independent producers here at Lassou. Meet our brands.

Here are 7 delicious spirits that will elevate your drinking experience: whiskey, liqueurs, wines, and more. Cheers!

ABA Pisco — a soft and delicate Chilean brandy

ABA Pisco is an aromatic and smooth liquor made by distilling fermented grape juice into a high-proof spirit. Only the best Muscat grapes from the Elqui Valley are used to produce this delicate tipple. Grapes are first fermented at low temperatures and then carefully distilled in small traditional copper stills to produce a clear, crystal spirit. 

Tasting notes: ABA Pisco is delicate and smooth, the grape flavours are accompanied by distinctive floral and vanilla notes and subtle spicy hints. The fruity nature of the Muscat grape returns on the finish. 

How to drink ABA Pisco? 

ABA Pisco tastes amazing sipped on its own as well as topped with soda or in a Pisco Sour.

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Abasolo Whisky — Mexican whisky distilled from 100% ancestral corn

Have you ever tried 100% corn whisky? Well, you should definitely try this bottle. Abasolo El Whisky De Mexico is the first and only corn whisky crafted from 100% Mexican ancestral corn. 

A unique traditional method of the cooking technique called nixtamalization is used to produce Abasolo. This method helps to receive the deepest notes of the cacahuazintle corn.

Tasting notes:  Abasolo whisky is a unique tipple, with deep notes of roasted corn, honey, vanilla, black tea, and leather, revealed through nixtamalization. 

How to drink Abasolo whisky?

Whether it’s on the rocks, in a cocktail, or served neat, you can’t go wrong with a glass of Abasolo Whisky. You’ll enjoy our whisky’s versatile flavor no matter the serve.

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Molinari Sambuca Extra — an iconic Italian spirit

Sambuca might not be the first spirit you think about when buying bottles for your home bar, but this liqueur can be a hero of your liquor cabinet. Anise-flavoured liqueur can be sipped on its own and pairs well with any number of spirits

Molinari Sambuca Extra is an iconic anise-flavored spirit made in Italy in 1945 by Angelo Molinari, an expert perfumer. The recipe of this anise-flavoured liqueur has been handed down from generation to generation from the post-war period to the present day. 

Tasting notes: Expect lots of slightly sweet anise, rich herbal notes and a gentle touch of citrus. 

How to drink Molinari Sambuca?

Molinari Sambuca can be enjoyed in various ways: neat, ice-cold, on the rocks, with coffee beans, with coffee, in cocktails such as Negroni, Margarita, Sazerac, Mojito, etc.

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Ojo de Tigre Mezcal — artisanal small-batch mezcal 

New to mezcal? Start your meeting with this traditional Mexican spirit with the bottle of Ojo de Tigre! 

Ojo De Tigre is a small batch mezcal produced using artisanal practices and two types of sustainable agave: espadín and tobalá. 

Combining espadín and tobalá agaves make this an incredibly balanced and smooth mezcal without overpowering smokiness.

Tasting notes: Expect refreshing  tastes of green apple and citrus upfront, followed by hints of cooked agave, caramel, and smoked cocoa.

How to drink Ojo de Tigre Mezcal?

Ojo de Tigre is an incredibly versatile spirit. You can drink it neat, over ice, make a smoky twist on Margarita, or treat yourself with a delicious Mezcal Martini. Just substitute gin into mezcal, add vermouth, and a few dashes of lemon bitters for a tantalizing citrus edge and enjoy! 

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Select Aperitivo — traditional Venetian aperitif

Bring a piece of Venice into your place with this delicious Venetian aperitif. 

Select Aperitivo was born in Vence in 1920, and this liqueur is made with 30 botanicals including rhubarb roots and juniper berries that give Select its rich, complex taste.

Tasting notes: Select is characterized by a well-balanced flavour profile. Expect bright citrus and herbaceous notes on the nose, followed by bitter flavours delivered by roots and barks. The finish is rich and complex, with strong citrus aromas and flavours of essential oils. 

How to drink Select Aperitivo?

Try Select Aperitivo in the traditional Venetian Spritz.


  • 3 parts of Prosecco
  • 2 parts of Select Aperitivo
  • 1 splash of soda water
  • 1 large green olive

Method: Pour Select, prosecco, and soda water into a wine glass over ice. Top with a large, green olive, sit back and savour in excellent company.

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VIVIR Tequila Añejo — smooth and complex premium tequila

If you are a whisky lover, you will enjoy sipping this delicious and rich spirit. 

VIVIR Tequila Añejo is a premium tequila made with 100% Blue Weber Agave that was harvested at around 12 years old. The liquid is rested in ex-bourbon American oak casks for 18 months and bottled at 40% ABV.

Tasting notes: complex and smooth, with gentle smoky notes on the nose, followed by subtle vanilla and caramel hints. This tequila maintains its Agave routes whilst bringing an amazing palate of smoky oak, burned bananas, and chocolate.

How to drink VIVIR Tequila Añejo?

Fantastic for sipping neat or over ice as well as in classic cocktails, like the Espresso Martini, Negroni or Manhattan. 

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XECO Amontillado — a next generation sherry

This is a delightful sherry, with nutty and vanilla notes coming to the fore. Rich and really quite sweet on the nose, this wine is bone dry by the time it lands on your tongue making it a wonderful aperitif. 

Tasting notes: cherries, rum-soaked raisins and subtle notes of cinnamon. 

How to drink XECO Amontillado?

XECO Amontillado tastes better when it is chilled and complemented with a good bit of cheese or chicken. It's fine to drink it neat as well as over ice with a splash of tonic or lemonade. Discover more about how you can drink your sherry. 

Once opened, this wine can be stored in the fridge for at least a week without losing its freshness.

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