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In the Medieval Age Cider developed in Europe as a way to have clean drinking water. The best way to get drinking water at that time was by mixing the polluted water with something that had some alcohol in it. And it turned out fermented apples was a great way to do it.

Types Of Cider

There are such main classes of Cider according to the amount of sugar in it:

  • Dry Cider has less than 0.4% of sugar.
  • Semi-Dry Cider contains from 0.5% to 1.0% of sugar.
  • Traditional Cider with up to 2% of sugar.
  • Sweet Cider that has more than 4% of sugar.

There are different flavour varieties of this sipping pleasure. You can enjoy a peach, grape, pineapple, pumpkin cider, and much more interesting tastes. 

How To Drink Cider

Cider is usually consumed cold. A warm low-alcohol drink loses its unique taste. But cider cannot be served super iced. The optimum storage temperature for the drink is from 7 to 10 C. Cider also goes well with a huge number of dishes. It's perfect with light salads, cheese, meat, and fish. The main rule that you need to adhere to is that food should not be fatty and heavy.

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