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On June 12th gin lovers of the planet celebrate World Gin Day! This is a great day to make some pour decisions and raise a glass or two to all things gin. 

We discussed gin a lot in this blog — some gin basics, cocktail recipes, and bottles worth trying. In case you've missed this fun, in this short roundup gathered all things gin. Let the fun be-Gin! 

GIN — What is Gin?

Before you dive deep into the tasting journey, let us take you through all that you need to know about this truly unique drop. Discover the history of gin and its classification in our blog GIN - What is Gin?

How Gin is Produced?

Almost every day a new variation of gin hits the market. This spirit keeps its position as one of the most beloved and versatile alcohol drinks. So, it’s high time to understand how gin is produced, what it consists of, and what are the ways of producing gin. Read about methods of gin production in the blog.

Gin Tasting at Home: How to Host Gin Tasting?

Throwing a gin tasting party is a great chance to celebrate World Gin Day, hang out with friends, and try new amazing gins. We got you covered with this, and made a list of everything you need to do to host an amazing gin tasting experience.

Discover the nuances of hosting a gin tasting party.

Top Gin Picks to Try

There are almost as many gins in the world as there stars in the sky. To make your life a little bit easier, we made lists with the best independent UK gins worth sipping.

Gin Cocktails 

Gin and Tonic is an incredibly versatile cocktail. Its rich botanical character is pretty refreshing and intriguing. We've gathered a few tips on how to make the best G & T and included the list of our favorite gins that work gorgeously with tonic! Discover, how to make the perfect gin and tonic.

Negroni is one of the most popular gin cocktails, and if you still haven't tried it — World Gin Day is the best moment to do that. In case you are looking for the recipe, we have it for you in the blog The Secrets of Negroni. Why is Negroni so Good? Interested? We bet you are.

Thirsty for more cocktail recipes? Here you go, 10 amazing gin cocktails you can make at home. Enjoy!

How to Choose Gin as a Gift?

Gin is not just part of the alcohol card. It also has a rich aromatic palette, a sharp character and a deep juniper flavour. It can be consumed neat or as a component of various cocktails. Gin perfectly refreshes long drinks and goes well with citrus fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers and herbs. A bottle of nice gin is a brilliant gift idea. Find out how to choose gin as a gift in this article.


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