Celebrating World Cocktail Day: Recipes, Hacks, and More-Lassou

May 13 is World Cocktail Day! Let's celebrate it with some delicious mixed drinks. If you are looking for some cocktail inspiration — we got you covered, buddy! In our blog, you can find all the best drinks recipes and professional lifehacks on how to make delicious cocktails at home. This short roundup is all about shaking and stirring. Cheers!  

Home Bartending Hacks

We start our roundup with the bartender's hacks from the professional bartender Kaitlin Wilkes Back. She tells how to upgrade your cocktail-making experience and enjoy the process. Kaitlin shared with you a few hacks on how to make delicious cocktails at home. Read Home Bartending Hacks from Kaitlin Wilkes Back.  

A Guide to Sustainable Cocktails 

Making sustainable cocktails at home is a big step to become more conscious and focus on reducing the wastes your drinks can produce.  We gathered together some easy steps of how you can minimize food waste when making cocktails without loss of taste. Read Tips for Making Sustainable Cocktails at Home: A Guide to Zero Waste Drinks. 

How to Use Salt in Cocktails?

Salt can complement almost every cocktail by elevating its mouthfeel and body.  Salt plays just great with any drinks containing fresh fruits, vegetables, coffee, and chocolate. It perfectly balances the cocktails. Find out more about how to use salt in cocktails. Read Cocktail Chemistry: How Can Salt Upgrade Your Cocktails?

Cocktail Mixers

Your home bar is not just about liquor bottles. Mixers are non-alcoholic flavourful drinks that pair perfectly with alcohol creating amazing and versatile cocktails. They add flavour, sweetness to drinks and are essential ingredients in many cocktails. Here is the list of our favourite drink mixers. With these guys around, all you need to do is just add a splash to your favourite booze, and you are ready to go! Read Upgrade Your Cocktail Drinking Experience With These Mixers

Gin Cocktails Recipes

There are so many delicious gins out there. Most of them are gorgeous both neat and as team players in cocktails. We chose some of the most delicious gin cocktails that you can make at home. Read 10 Incredible Gin Cocktails You Can Make At Home. 

Featuring only two ingredients, Gin and Tonic is an incredibly versatile cocktail. Its rich botanical character is pretty refreshing and intriguing. We've gathered a few tips on how to make the best G & T and included the list of our favorite gins that work gorgeously with tonic! Read How to Make the Best Gin & Tonic? 7 Gins For Your Perfect G & T. 

Sherry Cocktails Recipes

Sherry is arguably the most underrated ingredient in cocktails. We decided to fix this terrible mistake and made a list of our favourite and easy to make sherry cocktails. Read 7 Best Sherry Cocktails Recipes You Can Make at Home

Rum Cocktails Recipes

Rum is a truly unique spirit and it works perfectly in many cocktails. Check out our choice of independent rums. Today is a great day to treat yourself with some delicious rum cocktails because you deserve it! Read Vacation in a Glass. All the Best Rum Cocktails

Coffee Liqueur Cocktails Recipes

If you are a coffee-maniac, but you haven't tried coffee cocktails before, then it's high time to make some. Turn your coffee break into happy hour with these delicious cocktails, as they have everything you like — incredible coffee aroma and good booze kick. Read Cocktails for Coffee Lovers: Coffee Drinks You Can Make at Home

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

We gathered together our favourite non-alcoholic cocktails recipes and a few tips for making nice and refreshing alcohol-free cocktails at home. These are delicious and easy-to-make drinks that will give you the feeling of a cocktail without the side effects. Read 7 Easy Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Pre-Mixed Cocktails

If you don't like making cocktails by yourself, or just don't have the essential ingredients on hand, we have a great range of pre-mixed cocktails at Lassou. All the best recipes bottled for you! Everything you need to do is to put them in a freezer before serving and add plenty of ice into the glass, and that’s it. Enjoy! Read Pre-Mixed Cocktails: How to Choose Them? Best Bottled Cocktails to Try


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