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There are a lot of great spirit brands out there. They create amazing gins, whiskies, beers, and other delicious drinks. But beyond that, they also make our world a little bit better. Each spirit brand has its own story of how it does this. Some donate money to charities and environmental projects while others create jobs, and help people to get a fair price for their labour.

Read on to learn more about how these brands make our planet a better place for living. 

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Brighton Gin - Spirit of the Seaside

Do you want to try some delicious and sustainably produced gin? Then choose the spirit of Bringhton. Each bottle of Brighton Gin is distilled, filled in recycled glass bottles, labeled, and waxed by hand. Plus you get £5 off when refilling the bottle of Pavilion Strength Gin with a new portion of this sipping pleasure. 

Besides distilling some bloody good and eco-friendly gin, the team also supports Brighton community events such as beach cleans and local charities. They donate a part of income from their specially designed Brighton Pride bottles to the Rainbow Fund. 

During the COVID-19 crisis the distillery turned to making vegan hand sanitisers made as a not-for-profit project. 

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Avallen Calvados - Planet Positive Spirit. Delicious to the Core

Avallen has a very unique and innovative approach to sustainability. Avallen is a Climate Positive (carbon negative) spirit. Every bottle made removes 2.73kg of CO2e from our atmosphere (without external offsetting).

Each bottle of Avallen only uses 1.2 liters of water to produce. This is 70%-95% less than other spirit categories. Recently the brand presented their new carbon footprint label design. New label features a completely transparent list of everything that goes into and comes out of producing every bottle of Avallen Calvados. 

Everything is done with the purpose to give back to mother nature and keep our planet as crisp and fresh as every sip of Avallen calvados!

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Crossip - Flavourful Alcohol-Free Drinks

Crossip is a range of alcohol-free drinks that are much more than just being 0% alcohol. The brand was inspired by a love for cocktails, passion for fitness, and a great desire to support social issues. 

5% of Crossip sales go to social causes, in particular addiction and mental health charities such as CALM, PAPYRUS - the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide. Other charities include UK’s leading youth homeless charity Centre Point, and Alcohol Change UK, a charity aimed to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

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Freestar - A Next Generation Beer

Freestar is a B-Corp-certified brand that makes the alcohol-free beer a little bit differently. Whilst the regular beer is made of hops, water, malted barley, and yeast, guys from Freestar skip the yeast and blend their beer. Instead of brewing it, they use a banging mix of hand-selected natural ingredients such as citrus fruits to build up the flavour complexity.

This method of production is beneficial both for the taste of the beer and for our planet. The production process emits 90%less CO2, uses 80% less energy, 80% less water, and ends up with 70% less waste.

Freestar is not about sustainability only. The brand also champions the young generation and teamed up with The People to create a Mentoring Hotline. The aim of this hotline is to help young people with anything from CV help, career advice or interview preparation. 

Freestar is always looking for creative ways to help youth. They've partnered up with Street Elite. It's an organization that builds program that engage young people affected by serious crime through sport so they can transition from NEET (not in education or employment training) to educational and work opportunities. This will be great!

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Tap Social Movement was Created out of a Passion for Good Beer and Social Justice.

Tap Social Movement is a beer brewery founded in 2016  with a mission to support people during and after their prison sentences by offering them real job opportunities to turn their lives around. Tap Social Brewery is a place where people in/after prison come together to share skills, exchange ideas and experiences, and brew a great beer.

The period after prison is a difficult transition, involving rebuilding family relationships, finding jobs, securing housing and readjusting to freedom - say at Tap Brewery.

And Tap Social supports this crucial transition, offering fairly paid employment and continuity during and after prison. Many of their employees have stayed on post-release because the Tap Social community provides an inclusive and welcoming work environment.

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Fair - the First Fairtrade-Certified Spirit Brand in the World

FAIR is the spirit brand that stands for fair trade between farmers and distilleries offering them a fair price for their labor. The company cooperates and supports local farmers from Salvador, Bolivia, Uzbekistan, Malawi, and other third-economy countries.

FAIR is the world’s first spirit brand that has a Fairtrade Certificate and helps worldwide organizations deal with poverty, gender equality, and environmental issues. The brand pays Fairtrade payments to the local farmers that are 15% higher than market prices helping them to feel more confident and get fair salaries.

FAIR spirits are made from high-quality ingredients such as quinoa, kumquat, Arabica coffee beans, and Belize sugar cane. These ingredients are handpicked in South America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, etc., and distilled in France.

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Fauna Brewing - a Beer Inspired by and for Wildlife!

Fauna is a delicious, premium and craft beer brewery that helps support the animals we love. Each of their beers is dedicated to an endangered species so you can enjoy them while also giving back!

Fauna also works with some incredible small charities that work round-the clock in order to conserve these beautiful creatures for future generations. Their current partners are Cheetah Conservation Fund, Painted Dog Conservation, and African Pangolin Working Group.

Guys from Fauna have already donated £3000 to the selected charities and they are on a mission to do much more. By choosing Fauna, you can help them to save the animals!

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Sapling Spirits - Climate-Positive Vodka

Sapling British Vodka is made from locally sourced ingredients to reduce carbon emissions. It's four times distilled and has a charcoal filtered de-ionized water distillation process, which makes it climate positive!

For every bottle produced, a tree is planted. On each bottle, a unique code tells you what tree was planted where and a little about the planting project. From fruit trees in London to Oak trees in Bristol, it's the local communities who benefit from Sapling planting projects.

Sapling team also teamed up with the Food Waste Project that helps hospitality businesses to become zero waste. Together, they help hospitality companies to audit their food waste, understand the costs associated with it and then improve operational efficiency. This not only saves money but also helps protect our environment!

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