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The main ingredients in any beer are water, malted grains, hops, and yeast. All of these ingredients, except the yeast, are boiled together for a period of time until the final mixture is filtered, then the yeasts are added to start a fermentation.

Categories Of Beer

Beer classifications are varied and interesting. There are two main categories of beer: Ale and  Lager. Ales use top-fermenting yeasts, which work at higher temperatures, so there are more esters like fruity flavours, floral notes, and lager is bottomed fermented at a cooler temperature. Ale is more fruity, bitter, has bolder, deeper, and richer aromas. Lager is clean, crisp, and easier to drink. Depending on when the hops are added in the brewing process we can get different flavours out of the same hop. 

These two categories include several different beer classes. The most widespread are the following:

Pilsner is crisp and lively, a little bit grassy in the flavour. It is light in body, more sweet than bitter. Smooth and easy to drink, particularly on a hot summer day.

Pale ale is famous for being a very hoppy beer. Citrusy, piney, and sometimes a little bit fruity. 

Indian Pale Ale is fruity, bitter, and the hoppiest style of beer. If you are a fan of bitter beer, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. 

Wheat Beer is made with wheat, which makes them cloudy in appearance. It is also typically made with a citrus component and you’ll often find it served with a slice of orange or lemon. Top varieties are German Weissbier and Belgian Witbier.

Stout and Porter For producing this kind of beer, a darker roasted malt is used. It makes the beer chocolatier and coffee-like with a very rich, dark black colour. Within this style there’s a wide variety:: Dry Stout, Imperial Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Milk Stout, Chocolate Porter, and Coffee Porter. 

Belgian Quadrupel has notes of baked pears, apples, caramel, cinnamon, clove. It's got a sort of creamy, spicy quality. It has sweetness in taste but it ends pretty dry. 

Saison is a franco-Belgium style of pale ale. There are a lot of grassy notes in this style of beer. It is very crisp, smooth, and fruity. Saison is usually highly carbonated and bottle conditioned.

There are so many styles and flavours of beer which means the great thing about beer is that even those who say that they don’t like it, they just haven't found their beer yet.   

Beer has contributed an undeniable impact to the world and played an important role in human history and culture. Try an independent craft beer made with all love and patience by passionate brewers and enjoy the rich taste and unique aromas. You can order a beer and other spirits for yourself or as gifts on Lassou.

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