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Exciting news from the most planet-positive spirit brand in the world! Avallen is launching a new label that showcases its carbon footprint in an effort to set new sustainability benchmarks for the drinks industry. 

The new label will be still made out of recycled paper fibres and apple pulp and will feature a completely transparent list of everything that goes into and comes out  of  producing   every bottle of Avallen   Calvados:  from   water   usage   (1,2L  per 70cl, which is 70%-95% less than other spirit categories)   and greenhouse gas emissions (2.73kg CO2e is removed from the atmosphere per 70cl) to packaging materials and details of the brands charitable donations.

The bottle label will also include a unique QR code on the cork, whereupon scanning the bottle, citizens (as the brand prefers to name its consumers – we’re all citizens of this planet!) will find Avallen’s AVALLEN Bee More Report 2021 where they can discover more about what the brand has done so far on its mission to tackle the climate emergency and catastrophic biodiversity loss, along with its future commitments to both people and the planet.

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Avallen bottles are one of the lightest on the market, plastic-free and locally-sourced in order to reduce transportation emissions. The labels are printed on recycled apple pulp paper and the remaining pulp is distributed to dairy farmers.  Only sustainable dyes are used to minimize the impact on the environment. 

Avallen Co-Founder, Tim Etherington-Judge, said that the new label is aimed to change the lack of labelling transparency in the industry and inspire other brands to be clear and communicate their environmental footprint for people who want to know more about the effect of the products they are buying. 

We wanted to be completely clear about our environmental impact with people at the moment of purchase, so they are informed to make decisions that align with their sustainability values as well as leading the industry forward towards more transparent labelling. 

Miranda Hart from Wonderworks Communications, Avallen’s award winning design agency, added: “We were very excited to work on this project with Avallen. A natural next step for a brand committed to lead the way with total transparency of their sustainability and environmental credentials. Hopefully, this will challenge other brands to follow suit and allow consumers to truly understand the impact of their purchases.“

Made from nothing but apples, water, and time, Avallen Calvados is a great option for those who are looking for a delicious and environmentally-friendly tipple that won't give the planet a hangover.

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