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Hello there you eco-friendly drinkers, we have great news for you. Avallen Calvados, one of the most sustainable spirits in the industry, is a B Certified Corporation! Here's to Avallen!

What is Certified B Corporation?

The B Corporation Certification is an innovative way to set the bar for business performance high. With this designation, businesses are judged on their verified responsiveness and transparency across multiple factors including employee benefits or charitable contributions to supply chain practices and input materials. 

The B Lab Certification Process is an in-depth analysis of all aspects of a business with a particular focus on governance, community and sustainability.

The results of the B Impact assessment show that Avallen Spirits BV has been doing an excellent job at achieving its business and environmental goals. With a score overall of 82.4%, they are well above average for completing the assessment. 

We are so proud be a part of the 4,460 Companies, in 153 Industries, located in 77 Countries that are unifying towards one goal - to transform the global economy for the benefit of all people, communities, and our beloved planet! - Avallen

Avallen Calvados Becomes A Certified B Corporation - Lassou Blog

Avallen calvados is sustainable to its very core: from apple trees that help to reduce the CO2 emissions, to all-natural ingredients which are just apples, water, and time, to zero waste apple labels, to supporting bees population and being member of 1% for the Planet. Everything is done with the purpose to give back to mother nature and keep our planet as crisp and fresh as every sip of Avallen calvados!

Discover more about Avallen's green journey in AVALLEN Bee More Report 2021.

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