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Alcohol-free aperitifs are a new way of drinking. They are full of flavour, natural, vibrant, and guilt-free. You can enjoy them in your favourite cocktails with no or low alcohol, for any occasion, and most importantly – without compromise.

Feel the spring vibes with these alcohol-free aperitifs in hand.

Crossip - Fresh Citrus

Fresh Citrus is a delicious non-alcoholic spirit made with a bright and flavourful fusion of citrus, herbs, and spice. This drink is a perfect zero booze alternative to fruit liquors.

Inspired by fruity botanical spirits and is especially good in a Mojito, Cosmo or just with tonic.

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Everleaf Drinks - MOUNTAIN

Everleaf Mountain was inspired by the mountain flavours. It is refreshing, zesty, and flavorful. The ingredients include rosehip, juniper, strawberry, myrtle, everlasting, and cherry blossom. Expect sweet and floral aromas balancing with tart, spicy, and bitter notes.

This one will be perfect in your non-alcoholic Spritz!

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CALEÑO - Light & Zesty

Caleño Light & Zesty is a crowd pleaser. Its light, tropical and vibrant aperitif with nice notes of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals.

Serve it with tonic & garnish with an inca berry for an ultimate tropical sensation.

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APRTF is your new go-to alcohol free libation. Its perfectly balanced and beautifully bitter, with tart notes delivered by cranberry and bittersweet hints from wormwood and orange peel.

To create a beautiful spritz, mix 50ml of APRTF with tonic water, ice and a slice of orange. APRTF can also be used as a mixer with some of your favourite alcoholic drinks to create a negroni style cocktail.

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Warner’s Distillery - Pink Berry - 0% Botanic Garden Spirits

Warner's 0% Pink Berry was created as a non-alcoholic alternative to a fruity and pink gin. A delightful combination of raspberry, blackcurrant sage, ginger and chilli.

Enjoy Pink Berry 0% with a splash of your favourite tonic over ice. Garnish with fresh mint and raspberries and get ready for the joy! 

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