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Your home bar is not just about liquor bottles. To make some delicious mixed drinks you also need mixers. Mixers are non-alcoholic flavourful drinks that pair perfectly with alcohol creating amazing and versatile cocktails. They add flavour, sweetness to drinks and are essential ingredients in many cocktails. Mixers can also be a great offer to your sober-curious friends who are looking for something more versatile and delicious than sparkling water. 

Here the list of our favourite drinks mixers. With these guys around, all you need to do is just add a splash to your favourite booze, and you are ready to go!

Two Keys Pink Grapefruit Mixer is distinguished by the richness of its real juice, subtle bitterness and sweet taste. Mix it with tequila, mezcal, gin, rum or vodka for a drink temptation.

Serving inspiration: Fill a lowball glass with ice, pour 50ml of London Dry Gin, add Pink Grapefruit Mixer, garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit.

Two Keys Green Tea Mixer is super refreshing, a little bit sweet with a touch of umami flavour.  For a refreshing non-alcoholic drink, serve on its own over ice or complement with gin, vodka, or whisky to get a delicious alcoholic attraction.

Serving inspiration: Fill a high ball glass with ice, 35ml of Sapling Vodka, top up with Two Keys Green Tea Mixer and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Two Keys Black Tea Mixer includes three of the world's most famous black teas — Sri Lankan Ceylon, Indian Assam, and Chinese Lapsang Souchong. Together, they create a malty yet floral infusion, with a hint of sweetness, and a smoky, sophisticated finish. If this is not the perfect match for a peated whisky then we don’t know, what is.  It also works great with ginvodka, tequila, and mezcal.

Serving inspiration: Fill a high ball glass with ice, add 50ml of single malt whisky and top up with a Black Tea Mixer. Garnish with lemon.

Two Keys Lemon Mixer is made to balance such spirits as ginvodkarum, tequila, vodka or mezcal in your mixed drinks. Sour and sharp natural lemon juice is combined with the organic cane sugar from Brazil resulting in a tangy yet beautifully balanced mixer.

Serving inspiration: Fill a high ball glass with ice, pour 50ml of Dry Gin, top with Lemon Mixer and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Long Tail Ginger Lime Mixer is created to be a perfect match for your aged rums, whiskies, and golden tequilas. The fresh zest of lime is warmed by soft, Jamaican style gingers in this mixer. Chai spices offer hidden depths to the mixer.

Serving inspiration: Pour 50ml of spiced rum in a highball glass over lots of ice, add Ginger Lime Mixer and garnish with a lime wedge.

Long Tail Blood Orange Mixer is made to complement the dark spirits, so mix it up with your bourbon, whisky, and rum and see how those guys work together.  Blood orange notes are balanced with the red grapefruit zest giving it an amazing citrus aroma. The smooth, yet juicy start to this mixer is followed by a tangy kick that will make this a drink to enjoy time after time. Also pairs with ginvodka, and vermouth.

Serving inspiration: Pour 50ml of Organic Single Malt Whisky in a highball glass over ice, top up with Blood Orange Mixer and garnish with an orange twist and a dash of orange bitters.

Long Tail Hibiscus Mixer is a delicious combination of blackcurrant and wild hibiscus. Earthy and floral notes are rounded off with a bittersweet intensity of clove. Pair it with gold tequila and rum

Serving inspiration: Build 50ml of light rum  and Hibiscus Mixer in a highball glass over lots of ice, stir and garnish with mint leaves and strawberry slices.

Long Tail Lemon Sour Mixer will make your cocktails fresh, a little bit zesty, and aromatic.  Sour lemon is complemented by orange notes and then balanced with the slight bitterness of gentian. Works great with bourbon, golden tequila, rum, and whisky.

Serving inspiration: Fill a high ball glass with ice, pour 50ml of Peated Cask Single Malt Whisky, top with Lemon Sour Mixer. Garnish with a slice of orange and add a maraschino cherry.

Long Tail Island Spice Mixer is warming and spicy, with fresh citrus notes combined with bittersweet chinotto and gentian. This Long Tail Island Spice Mixer will transfer you to the hot and sunny Caribbean. A beautiful match with gold tequila, vodka, and rum, or, if you prefer something lighter, try to mix it with red bitter for the ultimate taste.

Serving inspiration: Build 50ml of Aged Rum and Island Spice Mixer in a highball glass over lots of ice, stir and garnish with a slice of lime and a dash of Angostura Bitters.

This is our list of the best cocktails mixers. These amazing soft drinks will bring new flavours to your homemade drinks and give you even more freedom to experiment with your favourite spirits!

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