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Sustainable Drink Brands to Know

Lassou is a place where you can find drinks and spirits that are both delicious and planet-friendly. Some of them are more ecology-focused, helping fund environmental organizations, supporting local wildlife, planting trees or minimizing their carbon footprint. Others are focused on social problems, supporting farmers and industry workers. We've covered this topic earlier, so check out our previous blogs about sustainability in the spirits industry

Here are 7 environmentally and socially conscious drinks brands that are worth trying. Choose the brands you would like to support and remember to drink responsibly.

Avallen Calvados — Enjoy a delicious drink without giving the planet a hangover!

Avallen is sustainable to its very core: from apple trees that help to reduce the CO2 emissions, to all-natural ingredients which basically include only apples, water, and time, to one of the lightest bottles on the market, to zero waste apple labels, to supporting bees population and being member of 1% for the Planet. Everything is done with the purpose to give back to mother nature and keep our planet as crisp and fresh as every sip of Avallen calvados!

Avallen is Climate Positive (carbon negative) spirit and every bottle made removes 2.73kg of CO2e from our atmosphere (without external offsetting). Each bottle of Avallen only uses 1.2 liters water to produce. This is 70%-95% less than other spirit categories. Discover more about Avallen's green journey in AVALLEN Bee More Report 2021.

Bee More, Bee Avallen

Black Cow Vodka — Milk is precious and that’s why we don’t waste a drop.

Black Cow is the world's first Pure Milk Vodka. Made in West Dorset entirely from the milk of grass-grazed cows and nothing else. This unique liquor is the creation of dairy farmer Jason Barber and artist Paul Archard. They were thinking of a new way to reduce the milk wastes from cheese production and came up with the crazy idea to make vodka from milk.  

Black Cow Vodka is produced with whey — a leftover from making cheese. It is fermented into a milky beer using a special yeast which converts the milk sugars into alcohol. That beer is then distilled, blended and hand-bottled on the farm. It is a smooth, creamy, and delicate tipple. Give it a try!

Try Black Cow Vodka

Cooper King Distillery — Sustainable spirits from the heart of Yorkshire. 

Folks at the Cooper King know everything about sustainable spirits. They were the first distillery in Europe to join the environmental initiative 1% for the Planet, and the first in England to produce carbon-negative gin, and by the way, the distillery is run on 100% green energy. 

The bottles they use weigh 250 grams less than the average spirits bottle and are made from 55% recycled glass and the packaging is made from shredded cardboard waste. And they are keeping bees at the distillery to make their carbon-negative gin and help the environment. What's not to love?

Support Cooper King Distillery in their green journey by buying their amazing carbon-negative Herb Gin, Dry Gin, and other Cooper King products from Lassou.

Shop Cooper King

Nc’Nean Distillery — the First Net Zero Distillery in the UK.

Nc'Nean Distillery was certified by Environmental Strategies Limited as Net Zero Distillery. What does it mean? That means that the emissions created from the production of their organic whisky and botanical spirits are less than the amount of the emissions that they remove from the atmosphere. Can you imagine that?! 

Nc'Nean team worked really hard to achieve this goal: the distillery is powered by green energy only, their spirits are made with certified organic barley and handpicked botanicals. Nc'Nean distillery is also zero-waste to landfill and their spirits are bottled and packed in recyclable and plastic-free materials. We'll drink to that!

Shop Nc'Nean Organic Spirits

Fair Drinks — the first Fairtrade-certified spirit brand in the world.

The FAIR brand was built with a beautiful mission to support farmers in developing economies countries. So, when you buy a bottle of Fair spirits, the farmers and workers who grow the crops in Salvador, Bolivia, Uzbekistan, Malawi, and other third-economy countries are paid a fair price for their job. 

FAIR also helps to deal with poverty, gender inequality, lack of clean water and sanitation, and other social and economic problems.

Every liquor is made from exceptional ingredients that are organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-gmo, all natural with no carbs. The brand is also aimed to be plastic-free by the end of 2022. Great brand with a great mission. Give it a shot!


Three Spirit Drinks — functional & healthier non-alcoholic drinks.

Three Spirit is a drinks innovation company focused on creating functional non-alcoholic drinks from the highest-grade, sustainably sourced plants. 

Three Spirit Collection includes non-alcoholic elixirs, each with its own flavour and function. 

  • Non-alcoholic, award-winning, vegan & gluten-free.
  • Made with active plants grown by cultivators who honour nature.
  • Hand-crafted and produced in the UK using high-quality plants from only reputable producers.
  • Made with zero-plastic recyclable packaging.

Shop Three Spirit

Kiss of Wine — Canned Wines from Small Producers 

At Kiss of Wine, they are sourcing great tasting wines from small independent winemakers from Italy, France, and Germany. 

Reds, whites, and roses are carefully packed in attractive and recyclable cans and have a shelf life of one year. 

On top of that, canned wine is much easier to ship because cans are much lighter than bottles and they are non-breakable. So, your wine will be delivered fast, cheap, and with a reduced likelihood of breakage. Cheers to canned wine!

Shop Kiss of Wine

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