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Distillery tour is a great way to see with your own eyes how your favorite drinks are produced and discover more about the people behind the brand. Now, when the distilleries reopen their doors after a long (and we hope the last) lockdown, it is the best time to visit the place, where your beloved spirits are produced. Here are a few questions worth asking on your next distillery tour.

How did you start your journey as a distiller?

If you want to find out how the idea of creating your favorite gin / whisky / vodka brand was born, this is one of the first questions you need to ask about during your distillery tour. It is always interesting and inspiring to hear the story behind the bottle, and why it appeared. Although you can find a piece About Us on their website, it is much more interesting to hear their story straight from the team. 

What do you like most about your craft?

Distilling is quite a complex process, and it involves many operations, from choosing the unique botanicals, to ageing, labeling, and bottling the libations. We bet the fellows at the distillery have amny interesting stories about what ispires and motivates them to do their job and why they like the distilling craft. 

How many bottles do you produce every year / month / day?

This is a really interesting question if you want to understand the size of the distillery operation. All big companies produce millions of bottles every year, but it is actually hard to count how many bottles are produced by small independent makers. Find out how many lucky dogs besides you have the craft bottles of your beloved spirit in their drink cabinets. 

What spirit do you enjoy making the most?

If you’re on a tour at a distillery that produces various spirits across several categories (for example, whisky, gin, liqueurs, vermouth, and so on) then ask  them which of the spirits they enjoy producing the most. Their answer may surprise you and you can discover some interesting details behind the bottles you like. Sometimes their best selling product can be pretty complicated to produce, or the distillers can be really passionate about the spirit that you've never tried  before and it is a great chance to learn more about it. 

What is coming up for the distillery soon?

Distillery tour is an amazing opportunity to be one of the first to find out about the new releases, taste experiments, distillery developments, and so on. How cool is that? Of course, a few distillers will be so kind to tell you about their future plans, but sometimes the answer or even a hint on the upcoming events can be a reward for your courage. 

What is your favourite way to drink your spirit?

Distillers know their products like anyone else, they know perfectly how to drink their unique flavored gin, liqueur, or single malt whisky. Ask them about their most beloved method of drinking spirits. Their answers can bring you some  really interesting drink ideas, new ways to enjoy your favorite spirit, delicious cocktail recipes, and unexpected food pairings. 

3 Distilleries to Visit this Summer

Any plans for the weekend? We have an idea! Take a local distillery tour. Ask questions about their journey and products, and just have an amazing time! Here are 3 distillery tour experiences worth visiting. 

Brighton Gin Distillery Tour

Behind-the-scenes tour to Brighton Gin distillery can be a great present for your loved ones or just for yourself because you deserve it. See how Brighton gin is produced, meet the team, and even wax your own bottle! 

Brighton gin distillery tour

Cotswolds Distillery Tour

Discover the spirits crafted in Cotswolds. Try their genuine gins, whiskies, and liqueurs while enjoying the beauty of the landscapes. Taking a Cotswolds Distillery tour is one of the best ways to spend your weekend. 

Cotswolds Distillery Tour

Cooper King Distillery Tour

Cooper King Distillery reopens its doors for you! Tours are back and running from Saturday 5th June. Come and experience the distillery in person and enjoy a complimentary tasting session in the bar. But, before the tour, make sure you try their carbon-negative gins

Cooper King Distillery Tour

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