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April 22 is the day when we honor Mother Earth. It is the annual event dedicated to highlighting the importance of environmental protection. This day, people all over the world participate in activities that address climate change and promote sustainability. There are so many ways you can celebrate Earth Day, and not just today, but every day. Here are some ideas on how you can champion Mother Earth. Get inspired and go green! 

Join sustainability challenge 

Encourage yourself and inspire your friends to live more sustainably by changing your consumption patterns and growing new eco-friendly habits. Sapling Spirits have launched their  30-day sustainability challenge on Instagram. The challenge lasts for the whole month of April, but you can join it any time you feel you are ready to do that. Each day guys are posting small sustainability tasks to help you kickstart some sustainable habits. 

Support the brands that help our pollinators

Helping to grow the bee population is much easier than you thought. In the spirits industry, there are professionals who are sharing their love for the bees by protecting them in different ways. For example, farmers at Warner’s Distillery and Cooper King Distillery keep bees and use raw honey to produce their amazing gins. Our friends at Van Hunks Drinks protect unique bee species that don’t occur anywhere in the world. For every sold bottle of Avallen Calvados, the brand donates to organizations and charities that champion the protection of bees and restoration of their habitats. 

Mix up a no-waste cocktail

Making sustainable cocktails at home is a big step to become more conscious and focus on reducing the wastes your drinks can produce. Using seasonal fruits and herbs, buying from local producers, reusing fruit peels, and cooking wine syrups from oxidized wine are easy yet effective steps on your way to sustainable consumption. Read more about how to make zero-waste cocktails in our blog post. 

Replace the plastic straws with sustainable options

If you still buy plastic cocktails straws, now is the high time to stop doing that. There is a huge number of sustainable straws you can use instead of plastic. For example, reusable straws made from bamboo, stainless steel, silicon, compostable plant-based straws, and so on.  Sustainable straws are a great option for your home bar as you can use them many and many times. And what is more important, sea turtles will thank you! 

Plant a tree 

Did you know that one tree absorbs up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime?

Planting a tree is one of the easiest things you can do to celebrate Earth Day. You can plant a tree by yourself or you can get a tree planted by purchasing from brands that help to deal with deforestation. For example, for every bottle of Sapling Vodka you buy, they plant a tree. You can find out where your tree was planted by entering the unique code that is printed on the bottle. The local communities in London, Bristol and even Morocco benefit from Sapling planting projects. 

Shop local

Local gins and whiskies have significantly lower transport emissions than those imported from elsewhere. Stocking your home bar with spirits from local wineries, breweries and distilleries is a simple way to cut down on alcohol production's large carbon footprint. One more benefit of buying alcohol from local distillers is that you are also spending local, and that money sustains your local economy. Check out our brands and choose your local spirit producers. Shop Local 

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