6 Easy Ways to Reuse Your Glass Bottles

Think your empty wine, gin, whisky bottles are too good to throw away? So do we. It turns out that there are lots of fun things you can do with glass bottles besides chucking them into a recycling bin. Here are 7 creative ways on how you can give a second life to your empty glass bottles.

Turn it into a flower vase

Add some atmosphere to your home decor by turning your empty glass bottle into a flower vase. Just look how great this Nc’nean Organic Botanical Spirit vase looks!

You can also paint the bottle from the inside to bring new colours. To do this, pour the paint into your bottle and then swish it around so the paint covers the inside of the bottle. Then turn it upside down to dry. Once it is dry, put your fresh flowers inside. Your vase is perfect!

Make a bird feeder

Just in a few simple steps your empty liquor bottle can turn into a great bird feeder. Birds are gonna love it! 

To make a little DIY bird feeder, you need an empty glass bottle, some wood, a few screws and a piece of wire rope. The seeds will filter out bit by bit and once the bottle is empty, simply loosen the rope to pull it out for a refill.

Read the full tutorial here

What about DIY drinking glasses?

There is never such a thing as too many drinking glasses. So, grab your empty bottles, and make some eco-friendly and nice-looking glassware for your favourite drinks! 

There are lots of methods of cutting glass and some of them can ruin the bottle and you won’t get your smoothly edged glasses. Here is a great method that will help you to make perfect drinking glasses from any spirit bottle. Basically, all you need is a glass cutter and water. As simple as it is.

Create a special atmosphere with DIY candle holders

Decorate your home with gorgeous glass bottle candle holders. Wine and whisky bottles are just perfect for long and thin taper candles. Use scissors or a knife to shape the candle and adjust it into the bottle opening. These candle holders will make beautiful centerpieces for your dining occasions.

Refill your bottles with another portion of a great spirit

Many local distilleries have their refill stations allowing you to bring empty spirit bottles back to the distillery and refill them with your beloved sipping pleasure. 

You can bring your empty Dry or Herb gin bottle back to the Cooper King Distillery and they'll refill it, saving you 15% off a new bottle.

The Brighton Gin Distillery also has a refill station where you can come and refill your empty 700ml Pavilion Strength or Navy Strength bottles and save £5 on each refilled bottle. 

By refilling your empty bottles, you help reduce landfills, support a responsible and eco-friendly company and save money too. A win-win situation for you and the planet! 

Turn your empty bottle into a soap dispenser

Simply purchase a pump, or save one from a disposable version, and you can create a distinctive soap dispenser using any type of bottle the pump will fit.

Just look how pretty this soap dispenser from Brighton gin bottle looks!  It’s a nice way to upcycle glass bottles since it generally takes a long time for a glass bottle to get recycled anyway.

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