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Sometimes all you need to be happy is a good drink. However, we're often spoiled with a variety of choices - hundreds of wines, whiskies, gins, and others... So hard to choose something you would like.

In this post, we selected only 5 bottles you've probably never tried before. They are made with the best-quality ingredients, delicious, and produced in small batches.

Check them out and enhance your spirit collection with these bottles.

Black Cow Strawberry Vodka

What would happen if you take strawberries, press them, and then infuse with the world's only milk vodka? You'll get the Black Cow Strawberry Vodka which is fresh and fruity libation with a beautiful strawberry blush colour. Sounds nice? We know!

Enjoy fresh strawberries hints, followed by vanilla and honey notes, and creamy tastes of Black Cow Vodka.

You can taste it neat, over ice, or pair with tonic or ginger ale. Don't forget about garnish! Fresh strawberries will work perfectly.

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Single Grain Bordeaux Cask Irish Whiskey - Clonakilty Distillery

For their Single Grain Bordeaux Cask Finish folks from the Clonakilty Distillery use a 9-year-old premium Irish grain, grown in sandy nutrient-rich soil on the Atlantic coast in an area of incredible natural beauty.

The spirit is finished in carefully selected Bordeaux casks at their Atlantic Ocean warehouse.

Tasting notes:

  • Nose -toasted oak and sweet red berries.
  • Palate - fruity with flavours of strawberries, honey, vanilla and wood spice.
  • Finish - wood spice and a hint of cracked pepper.

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Herb Gin - Cooper King Distillery 

Cooper King Herb Gin is an absolutely fresh and new green expression. It is bursting with beautifully balanced aromas of lemongrass, fresh basil, and flavourful cloves.

Serve it with a splash of Indian tonic and garnish with a fresh basil leaf to create the Spring G&T. 

Cooper King Distillery in Yorkshire is run on 100% green energy and each bottle of their gin is bottled and labelled by hand. Cheers to Herb Gin!

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Smoked Honey Infused Bourbon - KEEPR's 

Keepr's bourbon is produced with accordance to all American traditions, and then aged for 6 months in first-fill bourbon casks at Keepr's distillery in the UK. Finished with an infusion of smoked 100% pure British honey for a touch of sweetness and hint of campfire on the nose.

Expect lovely spicy hints, melting into a very smooth mixture of fresh and dried fruit. 

Tastes perfect with freshly squeezed orange juice, ginger ale and bitters.

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Spiced Rum - Dark Matter 

Dark Matter Spiced Rum is an exclusive spiced expression crafted by hand in Scotland’s first rum distillery.

This blend of fresh and dried aromatic spices contributes to our Spiced Rum’s unique flavour profile; unashamedly punchy but with a touch of sweetness and an expansively long finish.

Enjoyable on its own over ice, in a simple mix with ginger beer or cola, or in twists to your favourite dark spirit cocktails such as the Spiced Old Fashioned, Spiced Mai Tai among others.

 Check out our cocktail recipes for some servings inspiration

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