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If you're looking for a way to lose weight and maintain good health, watching how much alcohol (and sugar) you drink can be an important part of achieving these goals. It's not a secret that many alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories and added sugar. They may taste good but can contribute to weight gain and other health problems in the long term. 

This is why it's important to learn more about low calorie drinks. We've compiled a list of five low-alcohol and low-calorie beverages so you can make healthier choices when picking your drink. Check them out below!

1. Hard Seltzers

Hard seltzer is a perfect option for those mindful drinkers who decided to decrease their alcohol consumption as well as calories. Most hard seltzers contain around 100 calories per 250ml serve. They are also the better choice for those who are on a keto or low-carb diet, as one can of this drink has about 2 grams of carbohydrates.

Check out the best British hard seltzers available from Lassou. They are made with natural ingredients such as wonky fruit and milk thistle, contain less than 100 calories per serve and taste amazing!

2. Low-ABV Beer

Low-ABV beers are “small” versions of classic beer styles. They contain around 2.8% ABV and are less in calories than usual beers. Small beer contains from 49 to 88 calories per 350ml serve.

Another great thinkg about low-ABV beer is that it also hydrates you naturally, because of the low ABV while any beer stronger than 2.8% dehydrates you as you drink it.

It's all about beer that you can enjoy at any moment, without having to worry about it catching up with you the following day.

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3. White Wine

A glass of dry white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, or Riesling is a greal low-calorie option for those who maintain a balanced diet but still want to enjoy a good drink once in a while.

150ml serve of white contains approximately 120 calories, which is lower than, for example Aperol Spritz with 150 calories per serve and Margarita with approximately 400 calories. 

Check out our selection of white wines from independent winemakers from France, Italy, and Germany. 

4. Sherry Spritzes

Sherry is a delicious wine from Spain. There are various types of sherries including Pedro Ximenez, the sweetest wine in the world. This is a real sugar bomb with 300-400 grams of sugar per litre. 

But there are also dry sherries, such as Fino and Amontillado from XECO Wines. These sherries won't cause a sugar coma when you drink them. In combination with natural and sugar-free mixers, they turn into amazingly refreshing spritzes. Each of them contains 80-90 calories per serve making them a perfect choice for those looking for lighter drinks.

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5. Sparkling wine

If you want something both bubbly and low in calories, a glass of Brut Champagne is a way to go. Brut means "dry," so there's naturally less sugar in it. Check out Van Hunks Brut Sparkling Wine that contains 6.8 grams of sugar per litre. This wine makes a great alternative to sweet cocktails.

If you are fancy trying something different, you can choose their sparkling mead. Van Hunks Sparkling Mead is dry and refreshing, with delightful floral notes on the palate and no sugar or other additives. This beverage will make a perfect aperitif and can be a great alternative to sparkling wine. 

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