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Sherry is an incredibly versatile drink and it can be enjoyed in many ways. Here are 5 delicious ways to drink sherry. Choose your favourite and way to spend the evening. 

Drink it neat

A bottle of Fino or Amontillado sherry is worth keeping around simply to drink by itself. Serve it chilled alongside some snacks: olives, smoked salmon, sushi,  fish and chips, you name it. 

In Martinis and Manhattans

A splash of dry sherry, like Fino, Amontillado or Oloroso, will deliver some delicious hints of salinity or nutty flavours to drinks that are usually made with vermouth. Next time you are in a mood for, let's say, Martini or Manhattan, try to substitute vermouth with a nice part of sherry. You'll love it! 

... And other cocktails

Generally, a dry sherry can substitute vermouth in any cocktail and bring something new to the table: floral citrus palate, subtle salty notes and dry fresh flavours. One ounce of this wine works really great with two ounces of gin or whisky. Since these guys are both fortified wines, you can easily swap one for the other without changing the ABV of the cocktail dramatically. You can also use both of them: just pour a half-ounce of each in the cocktail. 

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As an Aperitif

A splash of sherry paired with some bubbles can make a great aperitif and prepare your tastebuds for the main meal of the day.

Fino Sparkle is a great aperitif and is very easy to make. Just combine 75ml of fino sherry with 100ml of sparkling wine in a large, ice filled wine glass. Garnish with an orange and serve.

Amontillado pairs well with Ginger Ale when looking for something lighter in alcohol.

A simple Fino & Tonic is a perfect little sipper while you’re winding down or cooking dinner. Appetite getting, refreshing, and much lighter in alcohol than a classic gin and tonic.

... or Pair it with main meals

Sherry goes well with literally any food on your plate. Chicken & rice? The perfect accompaniment to a chilled Fino. Mexican food? Warm Amontillado is a gorgeous partner to chli and smoke flavours! Seafood? Tastes much better with a glass of chilled Fino. Roast meat, grilled mushrooms, and vegetables are calling for a nice sip of rich Amontillado. The list goes on and on. There are so many ways to enjoy a glass of nice sherry. And that’s the beauty of it!

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